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Quincy L. Branch Continues Young Agent Discussion - nGI.

Byline: nGI

Quincy L. Branch, RHU, EHBA; vice president employee benefits at Branch-Hernandez & Assocs. Insurance Services

Years at company: 8

College: UNLV 2000, BS in Business Management

Organizations: National Young Agents Committee Member (IIABA), Treasurer-Nevada Young Agents Committee, Member of NAHU, CCAHU, NAAIA Read Quincy's previous nGI Q&A How does technology fit into your work strategy? Technology plays an important role in my daily activities. I am able to leverage the tools that are available to me to keep in contact and service our clients with a seamless approach. Today's agent has to be willing to work outside the confines of an office and 9 to 5 setting.

What's your mantra for success? Change is inevitable. Growth is an option.

Who do you look toward as a mentor in this industry? My father, Aubrey Branch. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be where I am today in the insurance industry. I started off in the file room of his agency and eventually found my niche in employee benefits. He has always given me the support to go forward and also the freedom to bring in new ideals. Early on I would tag along with him to prospect and client meetings and he would continually give me opportunities to share my ideas, which helped clients and myself realize that I was more than just the young kid in the room.

What are your future goals in this industry? I want to move up the ladder to agency ownership. I look to position myself to be a trusted resource for my clients and colleagues in this ever-changing world of insurance.

How do you balance work and personal life? I am blessed to have a supportive wife and 2 adorable kids that help me keep my life in perspective. Life is about balance and you can't allow yourself to get over-indulgent in work or play.

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How does your office reflect how you work? My office is a direct reflection of my work style because it's organized yet fun.

What do you see Gen Y/Millennials struggle with in a professional environment? What advice do you have? I think the aspect of instant gratification will be a struggle for millennials. Remember, Rome was not built in day and if you want something you have to work for it.

What skills do you think young agents will need in 2011? I think the world of insurance is changing and the use of technology is the main reason behind that. I think that young agents will need to be adaptable in this changing environment but also cautious that we don't let technology replace to need to have human interaction with our clients.

What are your main priorities as a young agent? Education and maintaining a work/life balance are main priorities for me. I feel if I continue to strive to increase my knowledge base I will continue to grow as an agent. At the same time I don't want to neglect my family at the expense of work.

Quincy L. Branch was featured in the Nov. 2011 issue of AA&B. He is vice president of employee benefits at Branch-Hernandez & Assocs. Insurance Services.
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Publication:Property and Casualty 360
Date:Jun 7, 2012
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