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Quieting the barking dogs.

Does foot pain find you just sitting when you'd rather be walking, dancing, or jogging? Relief for persons with corns between the toes (or crooked or overlapped toes) is now available at minimal cost.

Pedi Cushions are a relatively new type of toe separator, made of a soft, spongy material that doesn't create more problems than it solves. Many people have been dissatisfied with similar products because they were too hard or because they rubbed against the skin. Pedi Cushions relieve pressure and friction by gently separating the toes, and they fit comfortably in any shoe.

This is especially important news for diabetics, who must be extremely careful to avoid the formation of corns and of open sores when trimming their toenails. Many doctors recommend that their diabetic patients use toe separators to prevent or reduce corn inflammation.

If you can't find Pedi Cushions at your pharmacy, you may order them from the Foundation for Preventive Medicine by calling 1-800621-9355, or by writing P.O. Box 1144, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Three sets of Pedi Cushions cost $4.99, plus $1.00 for shipping and handling. Visa and MasterCard are also accepted.
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Title Annotation:relieving foot pain
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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