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Quiet steel laminate. (Application Xtra).

* alternative to cold-rolled steel

* can be formed & welded

The tranquility of summer weekends is often broken by the noise pollution of lawnmowers. To alleviate some of this problem, Briggs & Stratton includes in its mid-range I/C series of engines the 14.5 hp I/C Quiet and the 16.5 hp I/C High Performance models, which sport an engine housing and cover designed to dampen sound for quieter operation. The steel composite uses a proprietary roll-coating and laminating process that achieves significant reductions in noise and vibration.

Sound Trap laminated steel, made by MSC Engineered Materials, is comprised of two steel skins, constrained over a layer of viscoelastic material that absorbs vibrational energy and reduces noise in end products. The material is designed to provide a quieter alternative to cold-rolled steel when used as the enclosure, inner shell, compressor mounting plate or other housing structure in various applications, such as washers and dryers, breadmakers, central/window air conditioners -- and outdoor equipment engines.

"By addressing vibrational path issues, the engineers at MSC devise practical solutions to the customer's particular application. Then, we work with design and manufacturing engineers at our customers to provide product which will achieve the performance results and integrate with their production set-ups," states Mike Werner, marketing manager at MSC.

The material can be formed and even welded with no loss of performance integrity and no delamination. In certain applications, with certain cost or manufacturing issues, Sound Trap AD is offered as an add-on damper material alternative.

Circle 137 -- Briggs & Stration, Milwaukee, WI.

Circle 138 -- MSC Engineered Materials, Elk Grove Village, IL.

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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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