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Quiet/clean all electric compression press.

The E-Series all electric compression press is designed for round-the-clock performance in a laboratory or on the production floor. The E-Series is clean (no hydraulics), quiet to operate and offers greater precision and reliability over hydraulically driven presses, according to the company. Energy savings is said to be another key benefit, especially when considering longer dwell time applications.

The E-Series is said to be especially suited to clean room and laboratory applications. The presses are said to be ideal for compression molding of rubber/elastomers, gum silicones, various TPEs, thermosets and plastics. They can also be used in various bonding and laminating applications. The all electric power/drive system is said to provide accurate ramping of clamp force from 1,000 pounds to 30 tons.

The E-Series features microprocessor-based programmable control of all press functions.

Wabash MPI

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Publication:Rubber World
Date:Dec 22, 2006
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