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Percentage * of Adults Aged [greater than or equal to] 18 Years Who Currently Use E-Cigarettes, ([dagger]) by Sex and Age Group--National Health Interview Survey, [section] 2016

In 2016, 3.8% of men and 2.6% of women aged >18 years currently used e-cigarettes. Among men, current e-cigarette use decreased with advancing age, from 7.1% among men aged 18-24 years to 4.8% among men aged 25-49 years, 2.6% among men 50-64 years, and 1.1% among men aged >65 years. Among women, current e-cigarette use increased between ages 18-24 years (2.3%) and 25-49 years (3.3%) and decreased between ages 50-64 years (3.0%) and >65 years (0.9%). A greater percentage of men aged 18-24 years and 25-49 years currently used e-cigarettes compared with women in the same age groups.

Source: National Health Interview Survey, 2016.

Reported by: Anjel Vahratian, PhD,, 301-458-4436; Lindsey I. Black, MPH; Charlotte A. Schoenborn, MPH.

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Author:Vahratian, Anjel; Black, Lindsey I.; Schoenborn, Charlotte A.
Publication:Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report
Date:Jan 5, 2018
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