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QuickBooks come in many versions. (Troubleshooting QuickBooks & Peachtree).

Have you been experiencing a problem with the QuickBooks and/or Peachtree software programs used by your clients? Email me (Dawn Ashpole @SBA Services), put OAIA in the subject line, and you may see your question in print. Each month I will select a few of the more popular questions and answer them in this colum.

My introductory column will explain the many versions of QuickBooks now available. This gets more confusing every year.

QuickBooks Basic

This is the basic QuickBooks. It has all the functions for writing checks, bills, invoices and most of the financial reports. It can create purchase orders and track inventory, handle cash or credit sales online (for a fee), use reminders, memorize transactions, track sales tax, and email invoices and statements.

QuickBooks Pro

Includes all of the features of Basic plus: job-costing and estimates, time tracking, multiple jobs estimates per job, integrates with Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Act! Contact Manager. Integrates with add-on programs for specific applications, adds up to 20 price levels and can be purchased in a 5-user version.

QuickBooks Premier

All of the features of Pro plus allows for remote access (a static IP address is issued), improved reconciliation reports, password protect the closing date, and import and export reports. This also is available in a 5-user version.

QuickBooks Accountant Premier

All of the features of Premier except that it is single-user only. Instead of a static IP web address you have the flexibility of accessing any of your clients files via the Web.

QuickBooks for the Web

Manage checks, pay bills online and track expenses, handle payments online, create customer invoices and payments, basic reports, allows as many as 25 users. In this version of QuickBooks, your data file is located on a secure Intuit server and not on your hard drive so you can access your files from anyplace where you have Internet access.

QuickBooks Enterprise

All of the features of Premier with increased file size capacity (from 10,000 items on lists to 30,000). This version can accommodate as many as 10 simultaneous users and has added order entry.

QuickBooks Pro 2003

This will be the same as QuickBooks Pro 2002 with the addition of order entry.


How do you know which version you should get? You really have to review the features you want/need and then decide. If you are using an older version of QuickBooks and it's doing everything you need, there is no need to upgrade.

Warning: If you have any clients currently using QuickBooks 99 or older, there will be no Payroll Tax Updates available for 2003. They will need to upgrade.

Payroll Services

Intuit is now offering a variety of Payroll Services for an extra fee but very affordable:

Basic Payroll. This is the Payroll Tax Tables only. You process and print all of your paychecks, payroll reports and tax payments. Can optionally add direct deposit (for an extra fee but very affordable)

Deluxe Payroll. This is a full service payroll that interfaces with your company file. You can optionally enter the work to be paid and transmit this to Intuit. Intuit will process and calculate the payroll, take all responsibility for the tax payments and prepare and file all payroll reports. I've done some price comparisons and they are usually slightly less expensive than most other payroll services, such as ADP and PayChex.

Premier Payroll

This is a totally independent payroll service not affiliated with QuickBooks.

Since Dawn Ashpole started SBA Services, Inc., in 1989, she has provided training and support in all versions of QuickBooks, Peachtree and Red Wing Business Software to more than 1,500 small- to medium-size businesses. She may be reached at or 800-321-4744.
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