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Quick-change artist.

Offered with a 27mm 5C collet-ready spindle or a 42mm 16C collet-ready spindle, the Quest CHNC turning center machine is designed for quick job changeover for the requirements of the medical, aerospace, defense, and computer and electronics industries. It allows the use of top plates and tooling used on previous generation CHNC machine installations. Built on the same platform as Quest GT-series gang tool lathes, the Harcrete base provides vibration damping, structural rigidity, and thermal stability. It has a 10-hp drive system. Its eight-position or four-position gang tool-style pre-set tooled top plates can be interchanged. The 21i-T CNC control unit includes a 0.00001" programmable resolution/tool offset capability and features, such as Ethernet card, custom macro B programming, extended part program edit, and run time and parts counter. Hardinge Inc., Booth 1333

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Publication:Modern Applications News
Date:May 1, 2009
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