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Quick-access screener.

The Air-Lift System for circular vibratory screeners allows rapid interior cleaning, inspection, and screen changes while reducing manual effort, according to the manufacturer, Kason Corp. Consisting of two vertically mounted air cylinders that are located on opposing sides of any circular screener and affixed to mounting brackets on the lower and upper screening frames, the Air-Lift can accomplish one entire raise/lower cycle (including disconnection and reconnection of the frames) in 5 min, Kason says. One operator using the device can perform a task that previously required two operators.


Operation of the system involves the removal of a quick-acting band clamp connecting the frames and the actuation of a remote air valve. The procedure is reversed to reconnect the frames. Safety features include a safety lock-out that secures the frames in the open or closed position when the upper screener housing is raised or lowered, safety bars that prevent the housing from accidentally descending while in a fully raised position during screen changes or washdown, and optional enclosures that cover the pneumatic cylinders. The Air-Lift System is available on any new Kason screener and can be retrofitted to any circular vibratory screener of any make or model with a diameter between 40 and 84 inches (1000 to 2135 mm), including screeners having single or multiple decks, and screens with or without center holes and/or antibinding devices.

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Date:Sep 1, 2007
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