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An Establishment Columnist Admits Middle Class Being Eroded

"America's working middle class has been eroding for a generation, and it may be about to wash away completely." An admitted "free-trade liberal," New York Times columnist Paul Krugman nevertheless sees big trouble ahead for the nation because of outsourcing and foreign competition.

Meeting in Tunisia Will Consider Giving UN Control Over the Internet

"That's right--there's a plan afoot to put critical Internet infrastructure under the control of the UN--the same outfit that has given us the oil-for-food scandal and a child prostitution ring in Congo." In her column appearing in the Boston Globe, Hiawatha Bray strongly urged the Bush administration to protect "tax-free, censorship-free, and politics-free" use of the American-invented Internet from the clutches of the world body.

Conservative Editor Points to Many Compromises to Support Bush

"But five years into Mr. Bush's presidency, conservatives have cause to re-evaluate their compromises." Commenting that many conservative backers of the president have had to swallow hard because of his policies regarding the budget, immigration, Medicare expansion, court appointments, and more, National Review senior editor Ramesh Ponnuru acknowledged the dramatic erosion of right-wing support for Mr. Bush.

Scientist Who Backs Intelligent Design Claims Bias Among Peers

"My ideas on intelligent design have been subjected to a thousand times more scrutiny than anything I've written before." Testifying in the celebrated Dover, Pennsylvania, evolution vs. intelligent design case, Lehigh University biochemistry professor Michael J. Behe is also the author of Darwin's Black Box, the book that is credited with starting the intelligent design movement.

Iraq War Spilling Over Into Syria

"A series of clashes in the last year between American and Syrian troops, including a prolonged firefight this summer that killed several Syrians, has raised the prospect that cross-border military operations may become a dangerous new front in the Iraq war, according to current and former military and government officials." Journalists James Risen and David E. Sanger provided their frightening assessment in the lead article in a mid-October issue of the New York Times.

Zimbabwe Presidential Guard Grabs and Detains U.S. Ambassador

"The ambassador must consider himself very lucky that he is dealing with a professional army that the Zimbabwe National is. Elsewhere, and definitely in America, he would have been a dead man." Defending the decision to arrest and detain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Dell, who had inadvertently strayed into a restricted area of the National Botanical Gardens near Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe's home, Army spokesman George Charamba was hardly apologetic.

Proximity Can Cloud Good Judgment

"It was Monica Lewinsky's proximity that caused Bill Clinton to forget the dignity of his office. It was Harriet Mier's proximity that caused George Bush to forget that flattery and catering to his every need are not qualifications for the Supreme Court." Noting that Miers has spent more time with Mr. Bush than anyone other than Chief of Staff Andrew Card, columnist Maureen Dowd objected to the president naming his close friend to succeed Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.
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Author:McManus, John F.
Publication:The New American
Date:Nov 14, 2005
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