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Quick quiz.


* Use a name or phrase from this list to correctly complete each sentence.

Apollo astronauts, build a lunar base, build a space station, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Empire State Building, explore Mars, Freedom Riders, Freedom Writers, Robert M. Gates, Lee Hamilton, land astronauts on the moon, Mount Rushmore, Edmund C. Moy, Nancy Pelosi, Condoleezza Rice, Rough Waters, Sacagawea, School Daze, the Sears Tower, U.S. Presidents

1. The goal of NASA's Apollo program was to --.

2. The U.S. Secretary of Defense is --.

3. The new series of dollar coins will feature portraits of --.

4. This person is one of the world's most important diplomats: --.

5. Hilary Swank portrays a real-life schoolteacher in a new movie called --.

1. land astronauts on the moon 2. Robert M. Gates 3. U.S. Presidents 4. Condoleezza Rice 5. Freedom Writers 6. D; 7. A; 8. E; 9. B; 10. C 11. false [the Rocky Mountains] 12. true [Colorado, Kansas, Texas, and New Mexico] 13. opinion 14. true 15. false 16. B; 17. B; 18. B; 19. B; 20. C


* Write the letter of the correct answer on the line before each question.
--16. The U.S. mainland [the contiguous 48
states] has how many time zones?

A. two C. six

B. four D. eight

--17. Six a.m. in Seattle is what time in Boston?

A. 5 a.m. C. 12 p.m.

B. 9 a.m. D. 6 p.m.

--18. Besides Hawaii, which state is affected by
Hawaii-Aleutian Time?

A. Alabama C. California

B. Alaska D. Oregon

--19. Which time zone is two hours earlier than
Central Time?

A. Alaska C. Mountain

B. Eastern D. Pacific

--20. When traveling from east to west, which way
should you turn your watch?

A. one hour earlier C. one hour
per state earlier per time zone

B. one hour later D. one hour
per state later per time zone
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Date:Jan 8, 2007
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