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Quick change for those homely black plastic pots.

The ugly stepsisters of the flowerpot world the familiar l-, 2-, and 5-gallon black plastic pots that hold flowers and shrubs at nurseries- don't have much of a chance of being displayed on your front doorstep. They usually end up in the trash after the plants have been placed in more glamorous-looking (and expensive) ceramic or wood containers.

Shown here are some low-cost, easy-to-make alternatives. The shells are sized to fit around those humble plastic pots. Although they look like soil-filled containers with bottoms, these pot wraps" are actually sleeves that simply disguise the pots. Some containers group the gallon-size pots together, while others hold single 2- or 5-gallon sizes.

Not only do pot wraps eliminate the fuss and muss of repotting your plants into other containers, but they allow you to easily switch plants from one planter to another as your favorites come into bloom. And instead of throwing away the plastic pots at the end of the season, you can recycle them for planting bulbs or nursery flats. Let these plants mature in an out-of-sight location, then rotate them into the pot wraps for display. Fl
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Date:Jul 1, 1991
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