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Quick Quiz.

1. What is the capital of Lithuania?

2. Who played Wayne Campbell in the Wayne's World movies?

3. Which football team's home ground is Stamford Bridge?

4. Who played Michael Knight in TV series Knight Rider?

5. Which product is advertised "The lighter way to enjoy chocolate"?

6. Nanette Newman was famous for advertising which washing up liquid?

7. Which US singer was born Robert Allen Zimmerman?

8. Who played Hilda Ogden?

9. Whose debut album is Alright, Still?

10. How old was entertainer Bob Hope when he died?

1. Vilnius 2.Mike Myers 3. Chelsea4. David Hasselhoff 5. Maltesers 6. Fairy 7. Bob Dylan 8. Jean Alexander 9. Lily Allen 10. 100.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 11, 2007
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