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Quick Quiz.

1. Graeme Souness grew up in which city? 2. In what year did the Premier League start in England? 3. What is Bear Grylls' real first name? 4. What type of primate did The Goodies sing about in 1975? 5. Which British swimmer won a silver medal at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow? 6. The flag of which country features a white crescent and star on a red background? 7. Who had a 1967 hit with The Happening? 8. Which Coronation Street character was jailed for murdering the builder, Charlie Stubbs? 9. Which ice lolly (or lolly ice) is shaped like a rocket and made up of three different coloured stripes? 10. Who played Lawrence of Arabia in the 1962 film? O'Toole.

Peter 10.

Zoom, 9.

Barlow, Tracey 8.

Supremes, The 7.

Turkey, 6.

Davies, Sharron 5.

Gibbon, 4.

Edward, 3.

1992, 2.Edinburgh, 1.

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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 18, 2015
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