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Quick Quiz.

1.Napoleon used two living objects as symbols of his empires. An eagle, and what was the second? 2.The Society Islands are a group of islands in which ocean? 3.Who was the first German footballer to play for Real Madrid? 4.Which country is the largest and most populous country in the south Caucasus? 5.With which country does Russia share its smallest land border? 6. In order to cope with vast traffic problems in Rome, Julius Caesar introduced which scheme? 7.What is the SI unit of magnetic flux density? 8.What eight-letter word means a rush or run among herd animals or a crowd of people? 9.The Shah of Lugash gave his daughter the world''s largest diamond for her birthday. What was its name? 10.What are the first four words to the American Declaration Of Independence? 1.The bee; 2. Pacific; 3. Gunter Netzer; 4. Azerbaijan; 5. North Korea; 6. Pedestrian zones; 7. Tesla; 8. Stampede; 9.The Pink Panther; 10.

"When in the course ...."
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 21, 2012
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