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Quick Glance at Vegetarian Menu Items at Restaurant and Quick Service Chains.

Suppliers and ingredients are ever changing. When you are purchasing foods, an exact guarantee of the ingredients is probably not possible. In many cases, when compiling this information, we've labeled items as vegetarian when there could be a few "maybe" ingredients, such as mono- and diglycerides and/or natural flavors. We know that many vegetarians do not eat cheese made with animal rennet, but for the purposes of this chart, we've included some cheeses that may contain this animal derivative. Also, some foods are listed as vegetarian as per the ingredient statement; however, they may share a cooking surface with meat. Everyone draws the line as to what he or she will eat in a different place. We've done our best to provide as much information as possible to allow people to make informed decisions. You may want to read our 32-page guide for more complete details about the menu items (see back cover for ordering details).

Note: If you have food allergies, please contact the individual restaurants for their allergen statement. Ingredients change frequently, and egg and dairy products can be masked by other ingredients, such as "natural flavors."


VEGETARIAN: cheese quesadilla, mozzarella sticks, onion peels, Caesar salad (without Caesar Salad dressing), low-fat veggie quesadilla, French fries, new potatoes, coleslaw, mixed side salad, cheese nachos, cheese pizza, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese, pasta primavera

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): Sizzling Vegetable Skillet (without butter), steamed vegetable plate

NON-VEGETARIAN: According to Applebee's, these products contain "dairy, egg, or other animal-derived ingredients." Parmesan Pizza Sticks, spinach and artichoke dip, Veggie Patch pizza, vegetable stir-fry, spinach-filled Triple Stack Tortilla, California Vegetable Roll-up, fettuccine primavera al pesto, Gardenburger (check with each individual restaurant--ingredients vary depending on burger type), guacamole (gelatin), Caesar salad dressing that comes with Caesar and Pasta Bowl Combo and the Caesar salad (anchovies)


VEGETARIAN: baked potatoes (plain; broccoli and cheddar), apple and cherry turnovers, mozzarella cheesesticks, jalapeno bites, croutons, croissants, blueberry muffins, biscuits, all buns, all milkshakes, green peppers and onion mix, margarine/butter blend, sauces/dressings (honey mustard, tartar sauce, tangy southwest sauce, Thousand Island), hot chocolate drink mix

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): garden salad, side salad, liquid margarine, marinara sauce, sauces (Arby's sauce, barbeque sauce, barbeque dipping sauce), turnovers appear vegan (cooking methods unknown, sugar)

NON-VEGETARIAN: sour cream (gelatin), potato products such as jalapeno baked potato, homestyle fries, curly fries, potato cakes are cooked in same oil as meats


VEGETARIAN: bagels (everything, asiago cheese, Dutch apple, chocolate chip), cream cheese, mozzarella sandwich, the shortbread and all croissants, all muffins, all cookies, all Danish, all scones, soups (Tomato Florentine, Garden Vegetarian, Caribbean Black Bean, Vegetarian Chili, and Cream of Broccoli)

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): bagels (plain, sesame, and cinnamon raisin), salad

NON-VEGETARIAN: French Onion soup (chicken broth)


VEGETARIAN: flavored pretzels

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): flavored pretzels without butter

NON-VEGETARIAN: marinara dip (gelatin)


VEGETARIAN: most desserts, except for flavors made with miniature marshmallows, creamy marshmallow flavoring (the swirl in some of the flavors), marshmallow topping

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): ices and sorbets

NON-VEGETARIAN: flavors made with miniature marshmallows such as Rocky Road (gelatin)


VEGETARIAN: creamy coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, multi-grain roll, all of the biscuits

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): marinated coleslaw, Cajun pinto beans, green beans, corn on the cob

NON-VEGETARIAN: hash browns (Botato Rounds), seasoned fries (animal shortening used)


VEGETARIAN: apple pie, brownies, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon apples, oatmeal raisin cookie, cornbread, split-top bun, white roll, coyote bean salad, penne pasta salad, potato salad, red bliss potato salad, green bean casserole, green beans, honey glazed carrots, penne marinara, tomato bisque soup, butternut squash, coleslaw, mashed potatoes

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): chunky cinnamon applesauce, cranberry walnut relish, fruit salad, steamed vegetables, zucchini marinara, apple cobbler, tossed salad (without croutons and dressing)

NON-VEGETARIAN: According to Boston Market, the following may contain animal-derived enzymes: black beans and rice, broccoli and red peppers, Caesar salad, buttered corn, honey wheat and white roll, macaroni and cheese, Mediterranean pasta salad, new potatoes, Jumpin' Juice squares, squash casserole, rice pilaf, creamed spinach, stuffing, tortellini salad, gravies


VEGETARIAN: all bagels, the cream cheeses (except for bacon scallion and smoked salmon), blondie bars, mint brownies

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): bagels (blueberry, chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, cranberry orange, pumpernickel, and rosemary olive oil), Leonardo da Veggie Sandwich can be made vegan, hummus spread, Chile Cilantro soup, Gazpacho, Tucson Minestrone, Garden Split Pea soup, Marcello Minestrone, Roasted Roma Tomato soup, Vegetable Tomato Lentil soup, Ratatouille

NON-VEGETARIAN: Creamy Potato and Idaho Baked Potato soup (chicken flavoring)


VEGETARIAN: croissants, The King Sauce and tartar sauce, honey mustard dipping sauce, ranch dressing, bagels, Dutch apple pie, Spicy Bean Burger (in UK and Ireland)


NON-VEGETARIAN: Snickers ice cream bar (gelatin), sweet and sour dipping sauce (anchovies)


VEGETARIAN: honey wheat bun, raisin bran muffin, Garden Salad-To-Go, bleu cheese dressing, house dressing, chow mein noodles, Sunrise Sandwich without meat, some of the salad bar offerings

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): breadsticks, English muffin, some of the salad bar offerings, the plain baked potato, grape jelly

NON-VEGETARIAN: Thousand Island dressing (anchovies), raspberry parfait (gelatin), Carl's strawberry swirl cheese-cake (gelatin)


NON-VEGETARIAN: French fries (beef tallow), apple nuggets (animal shortening used)


VEGETARIAN: chile con queso, cheese nachos, vegetable fajita, vegetable quesadilla, Mexican fried ice cream, apple chimi

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): chips and salsa, dinner salad (without cheese), refried beans (without cheese), guacamole

NON-VEGETARIAN: Spanish rice (chicken fat), enchilada sauce (chicken fat)


VEGETARIAN: fudge nut brownie, ice cream, cheesecake, tossed salad

NON-VEGETARIAN: waffle potato fries (beef fat)


VEGETARIAN: corn on the cob, fried okra, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, biscuits

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): corn on the cob (without butter)

NON-VEGETARIAN: French fries (beef fat), white and brown gravies (chicken/beef fat), fried pies, Cajun rice, collard greens (animal protein)


VEGETARIAN: beans, rice, sauces (green, red, hamburger, secret)


VEGETARIAN: pancakes, eggs, French toast, waffles, omelet, hash browns, cold cereals, garden salad, Boca Burger, mozzarella sticks, onion rings, baked potato, cottage cheese, green beans, Baby carrots, corn, dressings (bleu cheese, French, Thousand Island, Caesar, creamy Italian, ranch), honey mustard sauce, chocolate silk pie, cheesecake pie, cheese pizza, sugar cone, dinner roll

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): oatmeal, oatmeal fixin's (raisins, brown sugar, sliced banana), juice, English muffin, grits, applesauce, fresh fruit, frozen strawberries, jelly (all flavors), nut and fruit topping, fruit syrups, baked potato topped with salsa, marinara sauce, sauteed mushrooms, grilled onions and peppers, barbecue sauce, guacamole, vegetable plates, seasoned fries, sauerkraut, dressings (Light Italian, reduced French, Oriental dressing, oil and vinegar), light rye bread, bagel, boule bread

NON-VEGETARIAN: lemon meringue pie (gelatin), rice pilaf (chicken broth), regular French fries (beef fat)


VEGETARIAN: all crusts except hand-tossed

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): Italian and Lite Italian dressings


VEGETARIAN: doughnuts, bagels (may contain non-vegan sugar, 1-cystine, and honey), cookies, cream cheeses, muffins, cinnamon bun, Dunkacinno, Omwich made without meat


VEGETARIAN: guacamole, house hot sauce


NON-VEGETARIAN: taco salad (lard), tostado shells (lard), refried beans (bacon fat), frijoles rancheros (chicken base), flour tortilla (lard), rice (chicken base)


VEGETARIAN: honey-glazed carrots, spinach-flavored and tomato-flavored tortillas, BRC burrito, Orange Bang, Pina Colada Bang

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): flour tortillas, BRC burrito without cheese, pinto beans, corn on the cob, cucumber salad, spiced apples, guacamole, hot sauce, salsa, Italian dressing

NON-VEGETARIAN: BBQ baked black beans (ham), Crispy Green Beans (bacon), instant stuffing (chicken), chicken gravy (chicken), Baja Glaze (chicken), Caesar dressing (fish, gelatin), light sour cream (gelatin), raspberry marble cheesecake (gelatin), cranberry walnut cheesecake (gelatin), Lime Parfait (gelatin)


VEGETARIAN: vegetarian specialty pizza, streusel

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): pizza dough, original and taco pizza sauce


VEGETARIAN: pasta salad, coleslaw dressing, biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, bread pudding

NON-VEGETARIAN: beans, green beans (bacon); French fries, apple turnovers (animal shortening)


VEGETARIAN: Husman's nacho chips, garlic bread, cheese garlic bread, French fries, cheese fries, spaghetti with cheese/ onions/beans, cheese buns with spaghetti/mustard/onions/ beans

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): red beans, tossed salad, spaghetti


VEGETARIAN: biscuits, croissants, seasoned curly fries, hash browns, stuffed jalapenos, buttermilk dipping sauce, croutons, double fudge cake

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): pita bread, potato wedges, grape, strawberry, and cappuccino syrups, hot sauce packet, taco sauce, soy sauce packet, malt vinegar packet, salsa, apple turnover

NON-VEGETARIAN: egg roll (pork), secret sauce (anchovies), cheesecake (gelatin)


VEGETARIAN: corn on the cob, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, macaroni salad, cornbread, biscuits

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): three-bean salad

NON-VEGETARIAN: chocolate parfait (lard); the following contain meat/meat flavoring: green beans, greens, red beans and rice, barbecue baked beans, gravy


NON-VEGETARIAN: due to unspecified glycerine and sorbitan monostearate, we are not certain if any doughnuts are vegetarian


VEGETARIAN: pizza cheeses

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): dough, tomato sauce, Crazy Bread, Crazy Sauce


VEGETARIAN: fat-free ranch, ranch, Caesar, and Thousand Island dressings sandwich buns, coleslaw, corn cobbettes

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): rice, corn cobbettes without butter

NON-VEGETARIAN: green beans (meat flavoring)


VEGETARIAN: chow mein (can be made vegetarian), lo mein (can be made vegetarian)


NON-VEGETARIAN: may contain pork: hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, wonton soup, sweet and sour wontons


VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): all bagels except for the jalapeno cheddar and egg bagel, which are vegetarian


VEGETARIAN: honey mustard sauce, breakfast sauce (on Breakfast Burrito), McSalad Shaker salads, garden salad without dressing, shakes, granola, apple pies, ice cream, strawberry topping, hot caramel topping, ice cream cones, McDonaldland cookies, chocolate chip cookies, birthday cakes, Egg McMuffin (made without meat), hotcakes, grape jam and strawberry preserves, breakfast burrito (made without meat), cinnamon roll, margarine

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): bagels, green chilies, burrito mild sauce

NON-VEGETARIAN: French fries (beef flavoring), Big Xtra! Seasoning (beef fat/extract), Caesar dressing (anchovies), Red French Reduced Calorie dressing (anchovies), low fat yogurt (gelatin), biscuit dressing (animal derived flavoring), hash browns (animal derived flavors)


VEGETARIAN: honey mustard sauce, creamy cucumber dressing

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): Thin 'n Crispy crusts, regular pizza sauce, spaghetti marinara sauce, pasta, Italian and French dressings, dessert pizza crust, cherry topping, icing

NON-VEGETARIAN: White Pasta sauce (chicken flavor/fat), Fajita sauce (chicken/chicken fat), Taco Bean sauce (beef flavor), Creamy Caesar dressing (anchovies)


VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): crust, sauce, breadsticks


VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): crust (not deep-dish), sauce, breadsticks


VEGETARIAN: corn on the cob, coleslaw

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): corn on the cob (without butter)

NON-VEGETARIAN: biscuits (beef tallow), onion rings (beef tallow)


VEGETARIAN: cheese sandwich, seeded hamburger bun

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): special sauce, bun for sausage sandwiches

NON-VEGETARIAN: French fries (beef tallow)


VEGETARIAN: all pretzels, gelati

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): all ices, plain pretzels


VEGETARIAN: cheeseless Gourmet Veggie Pizza, Guinevere's Garden Delight, Garden Pesto pizza, pizza dough, pizza sauce, creamy garlic sauce, pesto sauce, potato salad, macaroni salad, tortilla chips and salsa, green side salad

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): Garden Vegetable sandwich (without cheese and garlic sauce)


VEGETARIAN: salad, cookies (chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin)

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): French fries, smashed potatoes, specially requested sauteed reggie sub, salad without cheese, multi-grain rolls


VEGETARIAN: all bread products, cheese sub, Gardenburger, VeggieMax, soy turkey sub (available at select locations), soy cheese, all cookies, fat-free ranch, fat-free French, sauces: Southwest Ancho, horseradish, honey mustard

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): Veggie Delight Salad, Italian roll, Boca Burger, soy turkey sub without soy cheese, Fruizle smoothie, Italian dressing

NON-VEGETARIAN: Asiago Caesar dressing (anchovies)


VEGETARIAN: bean taco (specially prepared), Chalupa shell, Gordita flatbread, tostada shells, pizza shells, taco salad tortilla chips, Veggie Fajita Wrap, Seven-Layer Burrito (without sour cream), country gravy, tostada, Mexican Pizza (made without' meat), Taco salad (made without meat), Kid's Meal (bean burrito, nachos, drink), Country Breakfast burrito (made without sausage), Breakfast Quesadilla, guacamole

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): bean burrito (made without cheese), bean taco (made without cheese and specially prepared), seasoned rice tortillas and tortilla chips (wheat and corn), Veggie Fajita Wrap without cheese, pinto beans, sauces (red, mild, hot, salsa, green, pico de gallo), tostada without cheese, Cinnamon twists, Border Ices

NON-VEGETARIAN: sour cream (gelatin)


VEGETARIAN: cheese quesadilla

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): black bean burrito, tortilla chips, salsas (verde, roja, pico de gallo, del fuego)

NON-VEGETARIAN: Beracho and refried beans (bacon), cheese enchilada (chicken)


VEGETARIAN: bean burrito, enchilada

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): bean burrito without cheese, corn tortillas, guacamole, sauces (hot, mild, thick and chunky salsa, pico de gallo)

NON-VEGETARIAN: sour cream (gelatin), taco and fajita shells, nachos, Potato Oles (all fried in same oil as meat)


VEGETARIAN: Fresh Mex Wrap, guacamole (only some restaurants), Cinnamon Crustos, Choco Taco

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): tortilla chips, Fresh Mex Wrap without cheese, vegetarian burritos, deep-fried corn tostadas, refried beans, sauces (hot, mild, green chili, Tico de Gallo)


VEGETARIAN: soft-serve yogurt, hand-dipped ice cream and yogurt, sorbet


VEGETARIAN: dressings (fat-free French, reduced fat/reduced calorie Hidden Valley Ranch, bleu cheese, reduced fat/reduced calorie Garden Ranch Sauce), sauces (honey mustard, sweet and sour, barbeque), kaiser and sandwich buns, breadsticks, croutons, cottage cheese, pasta salad, potato salad, liquid margarine

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): French fries, deluxe garden salad, side salad, dressings (French, reduced fat/reduced calorie Italian), applesauce, banana strawberry glaze, taco chips

NON-VEGETARIAN: Italian Caesar dressing (anchovies), reduced fat/reduced calorie Caesar vinaigrette (anchovies)


VEGETARIAN: potato salad, coleslaw, salad dressings (ranch, bleu cheese, Thousand Island, oil and vinegar), mashed potatoes

VEGETARIAN (NO EGGS/DAIRY): fresh vegetables, garbanzo beans

NON-VEGETARIAN: green beans (pork flavoring), vegetable soup (beef broth)

Thanks to VRG staff members Davida Gypsy Breier and Sarah Blum for gathering all the information appearing in this article. This information is excerpted from a new handout called "Vegetarian Menu Items at Restaurant and Quick Service Chains." This 32-page publication from The Vegetarian Resource Group offers specifics on vegetarian options available at 80 restaurant chains. You'll find a sample entry on the back cover of this issue of Vegetarian Journal, as well as ordering information.
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