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Articles from Quick Frozen Foods International (October 1, 2002)

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Acquisition of King's Lynn plants adds up to big advantage in Britain. (Pinguin UK). 1562
Another fish story is true! Omega-3 can stop diabetes. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). Brief Article 150
Ardo expands user friendly vegetables to meet retail and catering demands. (The Green Scene). Brief Article 210
Back then: `where's the beef?' Now: `where's the chicken?' (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 85
Belgian production base is heart of expanding Pinguin operations. (Where It All Began). 855
Big expansion program on at UK's Strafford on Bagel. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). Brief Article 159
Bill Kowalski and Hilo Fish Co. settle tasteless fish patent case. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). Brief Article 220
BioMerieux develops new Listeria test for food laboratories. (Equipment and Technology). 403
Blackwing alternative meat products line features ostrich on wing and bison on hoof. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 286
Brazil threatens US dominance of Canadian poultry meat market. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 239
China connection gives Pinguin direct source for Asian vegetables. (King Hua Reigns). 705
China does import quickstep; US officials want sidestep. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 162
Chinese frozen food industry awakens, and access Asia sees giant potential. (People's Republic Of China). 376
Chocolate fantasy cold fusion extends reach of protein bars. 437
City of lights a beacon to industry as frozen food producers come to SIAL; Pescanova and Loblaw to receive SIAL D'Or awards for frozen food innovations; Iglo getting national award at Paris show, which bills itself as "the world's largest food industry exhibition." Most of innovation in frozen food, or "produits surgeles," will be found in Hall 5A. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). 3039
Clean image of organic foods in Germany tarnished by Nitrofin weed killer scandal. (The Green Scene). Shoemaker, Ted 742
Cold storage operators speak their minds at IARW-WFLO trends survey session; warehousemen in North America worry about overcapacity, faster turns against smaller inventory, impact of poultry embargoes and 9/11, trucking problems, Internet services, inspections. (Washington Dialogue). 475
Coming events. 510
Cuba banning beef from US after accepting US chicken. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 155
Der Tiefkuhlkostverbrauch in Europa bewegt sich nur zentimeterweise. (The Green Scene). 467
En este numero: tendencias internacionales de los alimentos congelados. 3189
En manchette dans ce numero. 2754
Energy savings a real blast at new Union Ice facility. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 202
EU frozen food consumption inches up, but mature markets face challenges: chilled ready meals vie for supremacy with frozen in Britain and France. Red meat sales down in France and Germany, with fish and seafood producers taking advantage of BSE scare; but poultry is still treated as a commodity. Yet even basic items like vegetables are on the rise. Pierce, J.J. 6356
Export-driven seafood plants meet and beat world standards. (First Class Production). 1088
Exporters adjust to challenges in turbulent global marketplace. (Riders On The Storm). Saulnier, John M. 770
First Natural plans expansion with $18.7 million stock issue. (Washington World). Brief Article 142
Foodex Japan plans for 2003 call for organic & natural plaza. (The Green Scene). Brief Article 151
For palletizing at 30[degrees] below zero, Hassia USA has robot to do job. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 131
France may finally put end to illegal British beef ban. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 164
Fresh space for fresh brands at Sheboygan, Wisconsin unit. (Washington World). Brief Article 169
Frozen food in Tunisia ready to go thanks to steady economic growth: far from being a backwater, this Mediterranean country has a modernizing economy, an increasingly educated population and relatively liberal attitudes. Slowly, but surely, frozens gain. (Focus on North Africa). Symons, Hugh 1317
Frozen soups by Birds Eye first for big name brand. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). 174
Future Enterprises out to conquer Europe with ethnic range of Orienbites dim sum. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). 434
Geneva lakes shows craft with new facility for Kraft. (Washington World). Brief Article 112
German organic meat sales plummet 24% after scandal. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). Brief Article 146
Germany's Heinen expands sales network for better coverage at home and abroad. (Equipment and Technology). 467
Hitburger gets into wraps and tapas; rivals contend for snack supremacy: healthy alternative to hamburgers and pizza being used by brand leader to stake out new ground, but others go for variations of pizza--and even for duck nuggets. (Grab & Go Food Trends). Shoemaker, Ted 730
Hot party for cold storage in California as POCL opens advanced unit in Carson. (Washington World). 379
In dieser ausgabe: wichtige tiefkuhlkost-news. 2359
In golden jubilee for German pizza, frozen products still bring in the gold; but major brands facing challenge from discount stores on one hand and invasion by US pizza maker Schwan's on the other. Brand leaders fight back with innovations. (News from Europe). Shoemaker, Ted 1437
In region of orient express chicken's on the fast track. (The Balkans). Brief Article 282
Indian seafood, spice & everything nice: that's what this tasty recipe is made of. (Quick Frozen Foods International: Frozen Food Forum). Saulnier, John M. 754
International frozen food products. 317
IPA brings industry professionals to Paris to look at equipment, discuss food safety. (Equipment and Technology). 766
Jeno Paulucci does it again, buying Arden International. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 191
La consommation d'aliments surgeles augmente en Europe. (The Green Scene). 574
Let them farmed fish, says Commissioner as discussions on EU Fisheries Policy sour. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). 475
Luigino's bowls them over with homestyle and Yu Sing offerings. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 110
Mexico takes steps to help farmers with organic certification. (The Green Scene). Brief Article 188
National Frozen Foods Corp. opens expanded facility in Oregon. (The Green Scene). Brief Article 263
Nestle cutting back ice cream capacity in face of sluggish sales in Germany; ice cream consumption is stagnating, with private label and discounters like Aldi cutting into brand sales at mainstream outlets. Even mighty Nestle is feeling the pinch. (News from Europe). 494
Nestle's got deep pockets for hot pockets, acquiring Chef America for $2.6 billion. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 317
New frozen food packaging introduced in Europe by Stora. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). Brief Article 213
New KVP spiral belting brochure spells it all out for operators. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 188
New plant in Pennsylvania bodes well for Uni-Chains. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 107
North American frozen products. 385
Norwegian seafood exports being hurt by high krone plus new competition. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). Brief Article 228
Organic `arena of the senses' coming to 12 German towns. (The Green Scene). Brief Article 165
Pinguin commitment to quality starts on farm with soil and seed. (Vegetable Fields Forever). 825
Pinguin group doubles capacity, expands west-east supply line. (Vegetable Solutions). Saulnier, John M. 2300
Pinguin sales & marketing team wins new business near and far. (Global Perspective). 884
Pinguin's vegetable solution makes preparation fast & easy. (Convenience Cuisine). 1031
Pizza sizes getting smaller in the USA as targeted consumers are smaller; kids are where the action is, especially now that they're back in school. Pizza makers zero in on tweens and teens, looking for recovery following sluggish sales over the summer. (Frozen Foods in North America). Wishnow, Sharon J. 1233
Plate, contact or air-blast freezing system: the geometry of making a right choice: removing heat is not the same as preventing heat from coming back in a frozen product. As such, the difference between a cold storage room and a blast freezer is primarily in the velocity of air movement. (Which Way To Go?). Reid, David S. 1392
Plug and play ice-making systems from SIR produce blocks fast. (Equipment and Technology). 458
Plusfood acquires poultry plant in Romania to bolster position. (SIAL 2002: the global food marketplace). Brief Article 292
Praxair JE U4 tunnel freezer a workhorse of the industry. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 110
Private labels win shoppers favor with exclusive foods and flavors; there always seems to be something new in the freezer case, from family entrees to strip steaks to exotic international fare. Chinese take-out, anyone? (Store Brand Innovation). Pierce, J.J. 1469
Products, technology, logistics, marketing figure in Wagner plan. (News from Europe). 501
ProLogis sells cold storage operations in USA for $272 million. (Washington World). Brief Article 235
Quality assurance from A to Z: ISO 9001, HACCP & common sense. (Nothing Left To Chance). 410
Raise shrimp in apartments? They're trying in Nebraska. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). Brief Article 215
Rapid pressure-shift freezing technique yields non-frozen-like food texture: low temperatures notwithstanding, ice does not form at extremely high atmospheric pressure. Then, following rapid drop in pressure, ice crystals form in sizes 30 to 100 times smaller than with blast freezing. Result, in addition to better food texture, a reduction in microorganisms and bacterial load. (Technology Watch). Schlimme, Donald V. 782
Reins go from father to son at Schne-Frost; millions spent to boost quality, capacity. (Grab & Go Food Trends). Brief Article 291
Rising tide of imports lifts the boat for Japanese frozen food market; China widens lead over United States as largest source of imports. Non-fried prepared foods continue to lead growth. Retail domestic production outpaces that for foodservice. (The Green Scene). 1804
Saudi ban hits European poultry exports; Danish authorities call action `absurd'. (Washington World). Ferro, Charles 511
Sea change for Indian exports, as USA market pulls more weight. (Changing Tides). Saulnier, John M. Industry Overview 3408
Seafood quality specialists setting up shop in Vietnam. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 85
SIG Pack promises new trend with turnkey packaging line. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 234
Step into the motorized future today with Cabinplant weighers. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 183
Thai exporters hit hard by US bioterrorism law. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 283
Thai seafood company has an inside track on Japanese import market for frozen sushi. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). Company Profile 499
The French connection strengthens as Euragra joins the Pinguin team. (Pinguin France). 590
There's a fungus among us, but is Quorn really threat to health? (Frozen Foods in North America). 472
Three years of non-stop progress and record-setting expansion. (Pinguin Powers Up). 743
TV dinners and other frozen meal solutions, new multi-fill system fills every kind. (Equipment and Technology). Brief Article 250
Tyson selling specialty frozen operation, consolidating meats under Tyson brand. (Frozen Foods in North America). Brief Article 310
Uruguayan beef exports welcomed again by world markets. (Which Way To Go?). Brief Article 131
US frozen food consumption grows, but the numbers don't all crunch: production and consumption data bases more elusive or incomplete. But it's safe to say that poultry, seafood, entrees, meat and snacks are up, whereas juices are down. (The Green Scene). Illustration 8162
US poultry exports get Bush leg up under deal with Russians. (Washington World). 572
Wal-Mart tops world's food retailers; Latin America leads in store growth: top 30 international retailers now active in 88 countries, 77% more than in 1997. No wonder! Market has reached saturation point in Europe. Besides Latin America, Asia and the Pacific Rim are hot. So's the Middle East, but in the wrong way just now! (Retail Monitor). Industry Overview 1699
Will frozen vegetable campaign run into Russian winter? (The Green Scene). 398
Winter is icumen in, Lhude Sing Scholler. (Grab & Go Food Trends). Brief Article 308
With a name like Smucker's: frozen single serve for kids. (Frozen Foods in North America). 349
World enjoys salmon more, pays less as farmed production gluts market: Chile and Norway undersell Alaska in Japan, while Norwegian product floods Europe. Dumping accusations and punitive tariffs the order of the day. Canada gives green light to more salmon farms as Alaska salmon industry undergoes agonizing reappraisal. (QFFI's Global Seafood Magazine). 1839

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