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Questions June 2011.

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1. True (A) or false (B):

Early institution of highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) to HIV-infected individuals could dramatically reduce their infectivity.

2. True (A) or false (B):

Earlier initiation of HIV treatment also confers protection against tuberculosis (TB).

3. True (A) or false (B):

The hazard of active TB increases with declining CD4 count.

4. True (A) or false (B):

Because of the high levels of HIV and TB infections in South Africa, Horner's syndrome secondary to tuberculous lymph node compression of sympathetic nerves is a common occurrence.

5. True (A) or false (B):

TB is the most common cause of Horner's syndrome.

6. True (A) or false (B):

Horner's syndrome results only from involvement of the sympathetic tract at the long ciliary tract to the eye.

7. True (A) or false (B):

Digoxin is not considered safe as a last-minute measure in patients with advanced heart failure referred for transplant evaluation.

8. True (A) or false (B):

The therapeutic-toxic window of digoxin is narrow.

9. True (A) or false (B):

Digoxin is excreted mainly through sweat.

10. True (A) or false (B):

Dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) is defined as the presence of left ventricular systolic dysfunction and dilatation in the absence of abnormal loading conditions (e.g. hypertension or valve disease) or coronary artery disease sufficient to cause global systolic impairment.

11. True (A) or false (B):

DCM is fortunately an unimportant cause of heart failure and a rare indication for heart transplantation.

12. True (A) or false (B):

Patients with familial DCM have a younger age of onset compared with non-familial disease.

13. True (A) or false (B):

Autosomal dominant inheritance has rarely been reported with familial DCM.

14. True (A) or false (B):

Familial DCM has a predilection for males.

15. True (A) or false (B):

In sub-Saharan Africa DCM accounts for 10-17% of all cardiac conditions encountered at autopsy.

16. True (A) or false (B):

ECG features are highly specific in distinguishing between familial DCM and idiopathic DCM.

17. True (A) or false (B):

Clinicians should refrain from blanket prescription of digoxin for all DCM patients without monitoring digoxin levels.

18. True (A) or false (B):

Cancers are predicted to be the leading worldwide cause of death by 2030.

19. Which of the following is FALSE? Risk factors for the increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases are:

a) Alopecia

b) Cigarette smoking

c) Obesity

d) Hypertension

e) HIV infection.

20. True (A) or false (B):

HIV and antiretroviral treatment have both been associated with pathological changes in the cardiovascular system.


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