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Q: I have an old Colt that, has been given to me. All know is that it is a Colt A double action, and I think it's a .32 caliber. The serial number is 68XX. Here are some pics of it. Any help in identifying it would be appreciated.


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A: You have an early 1877 Colt tie double-action revolver. The vast majority was made in .38 Colt or .41 Colt, but a few were made in .32 Colt. The caliber should be marked on the left side of the barrel near the frame, but not always. Sometimes the markings are faint and wear off, but under magnification they can be seen in a strong light. In the condition shown, with little remaining finish, your revolver would be worth approximately $300-$350, according to the 23rd Edition of the Blue Book of Gun Values. If it is in .32 Colt, it would be worth slightly more.

Q: you have any idea: where I could obtain a takedown manual for a WWII Japanese Type 14 Nambu 8mm pistol? Thanks for any help you may be able to give me.

Don Beck

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A: Try the Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly Part 1: Automatic Pistols by J.B. Wood. It's available from Krause Publications, Dept. HG, 8009 34th Avenue South, Suite 175, Minneapolis, MN 55425; (800) 877-4867; It'll tell you how to completely take apart your Type 14 pistol.

Trying to find an original WWII Japanese manual would be quite a task. I don't believe much of that stuff survived. Try Red Star Arms in Culver City, California (310/559-7730), or Military Historical Arms in Glendale, California (818/846-4509; e-mail

Q: I would like to obtain information regarding the gunsmith who customized Mr. Jerry Usher's M29. Usher says, "I also had its N-frame bent so that the reach to the trigger was the same as the smaller K-frame S&W Model 10 I was carrying on duty." I would like to have the same customizing done on my N-frame 625.

Fernando Barrera

Dutch Harbor, Alaska

A: I believe your S&W 625 is already a round-butt, so the major problem is already addressed. If so, a good gunsmith in your area should be able to reduce the top of the backstrap to K-frame configuration. Although primarily known for his 1911 work, gunsmith Jim Hoag (Dept. HG, 8523 Canoga Avenue, Canoga Park, CA 91304; 818/998-1510) can do such a job, and I believe he did the work on Jerry's revolver as well.

Q: I have a chance to purchase a semiautomatic pistol marked "Bryco Arms, Costa Mesa, CA, Model Jennings Nine 9mm." It doesn't appear to be a very expensive firearm. The seller did tell me that it jams every third or fourth round. What do you think could be the cause of the jamming, and who might fix it?

Richard Vanovitz

Plum, Pennsylvania

A: The Jennings Nine 9mm is an S inexpensive pistol that sells new for less than $150, I believe. Although your letter doesn't give me enough information to help solve the jamming problem, why not contact the manufacturer (Bryco/Jennings, Dept. HG, 380 Clinton Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; 714/755-0182)? Before I would plunk down my dough for a malfunctioning pistol, though, I'd first have it looked over by the factory.

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