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Questionable 'spin'.


Your recent reporting on the sale of my company, LSC Marketing Inc., inaccurately leads the reader to believe that you are innately aware of the primary reason for the sale: "the dwindling direct-mail marketing business."

The buyer, SourceOne Graphics, desired to grow via acquisition, and my company complemented its needs perfectly, with the buyer gaining a team of experienced professionals (no one lost his job), industry-specific software that could enhance the buyer's business, and a strong, broad range of direct mail accounts (ABPG is one of them) representing many industries.

LSC Promotional Marketing Inc., a separate business entity specializing in branded products, continues to operate under the updated name of LSC Promos in our new location with the same staff of industry pros.

All things being accurately considered, this sale was a positive thing for not only the buyer and seller, but, equally important, the customers and employees of LSC Marketing. I'm very disappointed it received such a negative spin in your reporting.

Scott Schuh Little Rock

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Author:Schuh, Scott
Publication:Arkansas Business
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Nov 17, 2014
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