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Question time leaves MP furious after fluffing answer.

Byline: Des Clarke Listen to Des weekdays on the Capital FM Breakfast Show

LITTLE bit of politics. Labour MP Emily Thornberry was raging when she felt a Sky News interview turned into a pub quiz.

Or at least she was until she won the rollover jackpot of PS34, a box of Cheesy Wotsits and a bottle of Blue WKD.

Dermot Murnaghan had asked her to name the French foreign minister. Apparently that guy out of Eurotrash isn't the right answer.

Thornberry also accused Murnaghan of being patronising and sexist. To which he responded by saying they were awfully big words for a pretty lady.

Her party leader could be in even more bother. Now boundary rules mean Jeremy Corbyn's seat could soon be abolished.

Nae bother, Jeremy has this one. If he loses his seat he'll just sit on the floor and get someone to film him ranting.

Meanwhile in America, Hillary Clinton's public stumble is being portrayed by Donald Trump's team as a "dramatic collapse".

A sight which they often witness on Trump's head if his hairspray runs out. The US election seems to be taking its toll on people's health.

Clinton was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, while the sight of Trump gives most people the dry boak.? NEW research says a person's walk can give clues to how aggressive they are. Especially if they're walking towards you tooled up shouting: "Whit you looking at?" They say an indicator of aggression is exaggerated movement in the upper and lower body. Or as it's also known, punching and kicking.


TELLY GRILLING Murnaghan and Thornberry

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Sep 17, 2016
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