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Question: will getting an advanced management degree and/or CPE get me the physician executive position I want?

Question: Will getting an advanced management degree and/or CPE get me the physician executive position I want?


Unlike your medical degree credential, advanced academic and professional credentials are not the immediate "ticket" to an advanced position as a physician executive. However, physician executive recruiters agree that in today's competitive marketplace, nearly all employers are looking, at the very least, for an advanced management degree of some kind (MBA, MMM, MHA, MPH, etc.). And, completing your certification in medical management (CPE) can also help your resume stand out in a crowd. Larry Tyler of Tyler & Associates says, "When all things are equal with a pool of candidates, molehills become mountains". For example, if two candidates have an equal amount of experience and one has a Masters or CPE, that can be the tipping point.

Keep in mind though, as you are looking to advance as a physician executive what matters most are not your specific credentials, but rather what you have been able to do with this training. You must prove that you can do the job. Once you have the experience, then networking contacts help you get the attention of the hiring organization or recruiter. A professional resume presents your measurable and significant management outcomes that you can further explain in a powerful interview.

For more details about advancing your career in medical management, contact Barbara Linney at 800-562-8088.
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