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Questech Scholarships for Students and Teachers.

Ten Questech/Kenneth Larsen Scholarships for career and technical education students and teachers will be awarded in 2000 by ACTE as a result of a generous contribution from Questech, a company that provides education and training materials in the construction trades. Administered by ACTE, the scholarships honor the memory of Ken Larsen, a pioneer in career exploration programs.

Five $1,000 scholarships are available for students to pursue technical studies beyond high school and five $1,000 scholarships for career tech teachers for the purpose of furthering their technical training and education. One teacher scholarship and one student scholarship will be awarded in each of ACTE's five regions.

To apply, applicants should write a letter of no more than two pages in which they answer the following questions:


1. What new idea do you want to implement in your program for which you seek specialized training?

2. Where would you take your training?

3. How would your completion of the training affect the students in your classroom?


1. What is your career goal?

2. What would you like to use the scholarship grant for?

3. How would this affect your career goal?

Attach to this letter a brief resume that provides your name, address, age and phone number; current occupation and employer name or student grade level and school name; your education background, full-time and part-time employment history and the names of two personal or business references. Address your letter to Executive Director, Association for Career and Technical Education, 1410 King St., Alexandria, VA 22314. All applications must be received by Dec. 20, 1999. Awards will be announced by Feb. 1, 2000.

Larsen was orphaned at age 10 and his adolescent years were difficult. He joined the U.S. Navy during World War II, served in the Pacific and left the service as a lieutenant junior grade in 1946. He spent 29 years as a product and sales manager for IBM. After retiring he launched a second career devoted to making a difference in the lives of young people through education. In 1980 he founded Career Research/Choice, a company that offered hands-on vocational training and opportunities for career exploration and discovering occupational aptitudes and interests.

In 1988 Larsen retired and he as his wife served as missionaries in the Kiribati Islands in the Pacific, where they also introduced computer training to the people there. Larsen also served on the National School Volunteer Association's board of directors and was the founding president of the Business Industry Community Education Partnership in Utah. He died in 1998. He was 75.
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