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Quest re-invents the wheel. (Ingredients).

Quest Foods' Culinary Team has launched Meat Designer Wheel, the second in a range of new flavour development systems that is the result of six years of evolution in ways of working and thinking with flavours. The inventors say this new approach to selecting and describing flavour profiles will drastically cut product development time for customers, potentially reducing the complexity of their meat flavour portfolio.

Like its predecessor and companion, the Chicken Designer Wheel, launched last autumn, Quest's Meat Designer Wheel uses a culinary development system based on the chefs approach to recipes using traditional kitchen cooking techniques as a benchmark and starting point.

The Wheel, available only to Quest's customers, operates as a visual spectrum of flavour profiles, all named in language related to well-known cooking styles. It draws flavours from six different home-style cooking methods, resulting in 10 character-specific profiles, like "roast" or "stewed", and seven species-specific profiles four varieties of beef plus pork, veal and lamb. From the Wheel, the flavour application technologist works out the optimum combination and balance of flavour profiles to replicate the culinary taste the customer is seeking.

Though suitable for a wide range of applications, Meat Designer Wheel is particularly focused on bouillons, soups, and sauces for ready meals and noodles.

Meat Designer Wheel made its debut in North America, followed by Europe this autumn, and will be introduced in other regions around the end of the year.

Contact Quest's Head Office in the Netherlands on tel: +31 356 999111
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Nov 1, 2002
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