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Quest's inventive self-care solutions.

PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. -- Quest Products Inc. was founded in 2001 with a focus on working with entrepreneurs to bring new health care products to retail stores. Over the years, the company has acquired many of the brands it distributes, in addition to creating new brands and products organically.

"In February 2018, Quest partnered with Promus Equity Group to move rapidly into building its brands organically, as well as acquiring new brands and companies," notes Quest Products president Mike Brennan.

Quest Products' stable of health-oriented products consists of the first aid (Alocane Burn Products and Pro Vent Natural Skin Care Solutions), ear and eye care (Clinere ear products), oral care (OraCoat XyliMelts), and diagnostics (AlcoHawk and Quest) categories.

Brennan says the company will be showcasing some new products at NACDS Total Store Expo. "Quest is very excited to introduce OraCoat, a new brand that we just acquired in January 2019, to the retailers at TSE, " he says. "We have some very large drug chains that added our patented oral adhering disc OraCoat XyliMelts for dry mouth. They are already some of the top-performing dry mouth SKUs in their category.

"The patented oral adhering disc, after being applied to the inner gum sticks, stays and slowly releases xylitol to stimulate saliva and reduce the effects of dry mouth."

Dry mouth, adds Brennan, is a growing segment of the oral care category, as over 1,000 prescription drugs have dry mouth as a side effect. "In our research, we have found that the OraCoat XyliMelts solution is very effective for sufferers, and consumers are loyal to the product after trying it. Quest is involved with an in-depth research project around dry mouth and is looking to share the findings with our retail partners in the coming months."

Quest continues to address new healing solutions under the Pro Vent brand, according to Brennan. "During TSE Quest will be building upon our successful launch of our Pro Vent Skin Tag Patches, which have added incremental sales to the first aid category, by launching our new Pro Vent Wart Remover item, which is a natural solution for removing warts. Utilizing multiple pure essential oils and plant-based extracts, the new Pro Vent Wart Remover provides an alternative for shoppers looking for natural products. Pro Vent Wart is already in distribution and out-selling many competitive items. "

Quest continues to look to create self-care products for consumers looking to find solutions without going to a doctor, notes Brennan. "The new Pro Vent Wart Remover, as well as Pro Vent Skin Tag Liquid and Patch remover, has added incremental sales and profits to the category," he says. "Consumers are looking for better solutions around burns and are well educated on the benefits of maximum-strength lidocaine--that's why we launched Alocane Maximum Strength Emergency Burns, which is the top-selling product for emergency burns. We identified the need for a better solution around ear wax removal and solving consumers' complaints around ear itch, which led to the development of our No. 1-selling patented ear cleaning tool, Clinere.

"Sleep apnea is another very important trend with consumers, which led us to acquire the OraCoat brand for dry mouth, to help solve issues that drive sleep apnea, and we're looking to use the OraCoat patented technology to drive other major new product launches into other large categories. These are all great examples of self-care solutions. "

One big trend Brennan is seeing is that drug retailers are becoming more interactive with their local shoppers, and assisting them beyond selling products with counseling for the health-related issues they are dealing with, including side effects from prescription drugs. "Quest is looking to partner with retailers to provide products and solutions for their needs, " he says. " Consumers also prefer drug retail stores because of their convenient locations to find immediate need solutions, such as our Alocane Emergency Burn Gel.

"Consumers now understand the convenience of shopping in drug stores and expect to find specific solutions for the majority of their health needs, while leveraging the knowledge of the pharmacist or clinics. "

Brennan notes that the company works with retailers to optimize sales. "The Quest category management team analyzes all the over-the-counter category trends, does consumer research, and overlays consumer/shopper data to offer insights on how to building category sales, " he says. "Quest supports its brand with a full marketing and promotional plan with our retail partners.

"We are also beginning to work with retailers on medical use products for cancer patients with our AlocanePlus line of products. This product is currently being tested in a clinical study with breast cancer patients, and we hope to have results to share with retailers soon."

Quest Products Inc.

8201 104th St. Pleasant Prairie, Wis. 53158

Key contact: Alex Paulsen, Marketing Coordinator


Phone: (262) 925-0970, ext. 34

Primary business: HEALTH CARE First aid, ear/eye care, oral care, diagnostics

Total Store Expo booth #1336
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