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Quentin Lee.

Started his own distribution company while also acting as a director, novelist, any horror-film screenwriter

Quentin Lee just can't stop giving of himself. Indeed, the Hong Kong-born, Canada--high-schooled, California-based gay Asian filmmaker has unveiled two semiautobiographical projects this summer--the digital video feature Drift and a novel, Dress Like a Boy.

In Drift, Lee imagines three possible paths his life might have taken following a heart-wrenching breakup. His novel, written while Lee attended Yale and self-published through iUniverse, features a young Asian-American balancing tricky relationships with a bisexual beau and a comely cousin. Obviously an indie-minded sort--Lee also founded Margin Films, a film distribution company--he nonetheless admits he's been hoping to go Hollywood: Wesley Snipes's Amen Ra production company is developing his Campus Ghost Story, a horror film. "I have several different projects," Lee explains. "But it just so happens that of the smaller projects I keep on doing, the more personal autobiographical [ones] tend to work out--I'm not just going to wait forever for a [bigger] deal to happen."
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Date:Aug 14, 2001
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