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Queers or careers.

Apparently some Stonewall Democrats now recognize that the Democratic National Committee has been handed a pass by gays' willingness to overlook little things like opposition to marriage equality by the party's presidential ticket ["Queering the Democrats," October 25].

Those Stonewall Democrats who are really interested in pursuing gay equality rather than a career in party politics or public office are faced with a dilemma, one trumpeted by the group's name: By aligning with the Democrats, one puts the needs of that electoral machine before gay interests. As in the case of [U.S. representative] Barney Frank, careers trump queers. That's why Uncle Barney helped Bill Clinton get "don't ask, don't tell" through Congress and blasted San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom for issuing gay marriage licenses.

On the other hand, if one becomes a Stonewaller, then priority is given to what gays need to achieve full equality in this country. Demands for equal rights across the board are put forth and backed up with direct action. Politicians who do not measure up are rejected. This places queers before careers.

Sorry, Stonewall Democrats. You can't have it both ways. Which side are you on?

BOB SCHWARTZ Chicago, Ill.
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Title Annotation:FROM THE READERS
Author:Schwartz, Bob
Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Nov 22, 2005
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