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Queer days.

If your days tend to blur together and you find yourself wondering just where that month went, the SISSY calendar--which artist Elisha Lim describes as a way of staying in dialogue with your community--is just what you need to help you focus on the present and save the date. Because the SISSY calendar isn't just pages filled with boxes and numbers, its a vibrant, provocative and proud reclamation and celebration of femininity and sissydom. Inspired by the queer and diverse friends and family surrounding Lim, the Montreal-based artist fills the glossy, full color calendar with portraits of self-proclaimed sissies who pose next to their own written definitions of sissy.

Lim isn't new to transgressing unrealistic gender perceptions to create space for other artists and the rest of us who've witnessed or felt the repression of a binary gender structure. Lim, who prefers the pronoun "they" explains, "I see my pronoun as a philosophy on life, which is that so many people around us are not really a boy or a girl. Its so clear that 'he' or she' is not sufficient." Their projects also focus heavily on queer people of color who are often both marginalized and exoticized in art. Their images are beautifully centered on greeting cards, prints and the much-awaited graphic novel, 200 Batches coming out this year.

Lim's bold and colorful drawings dare you to look, so take a peek and you might just find yourself staring back at your own reflection. The true beauty of the work lies in its simple approach to capturing the life, expressions and nuances of those around us without putting anyone on display, instead embracing the complexity and contradictions of gender.

The SISSY calendar makes a fantastic gift for friends and family, or just treat yourself and dazzle your own bare office walls, (



Sissy - that's a form for a person? I didn't know that honestly. The first connection I had with it was this. I know the name sissy, and it awkwardly reminds me of the white empress of Austria.

I am a tranquil person of coleus work grist up in East Germany so when with people talked about sissy all thought was ... no ... stop I am not interested in your sissy - mania!

So - besides beautiful, impressive dresses, I don't like sissy. Because this person represents a kind of beauty the way witch people like me are made divisible or just become ugly. And vie felt ugly most of my life.

But now, for this project. I looked up this word and I am surprised that this word receive a new connotation that I had not aware of. I found this sentence: "sissy is, appraximakly, the make converse of fomboy." So I think I am a hidden sissy that comes out once in a while, depending on my mood and the environment I live in. Because being a visible "sissy" -of coleus is risky.

Sidra and ty

We band and pack and strut about but we also wear spackly nail polish and squeal oveceach other's hair. We self-identify as faggoty gender queer types.

likes shiny nail polish and fun acces socies, while cough n tumble docs and tiny shorts my sistacular out fit of choice.

We're both into gender bending. Being a sissy means we get to be burly goys, or girly boys depending on how we're teehing. the two of us have pretty non-traditional and diverse backgrounds and we like being able to reinterpret cultural expectations of how people with our bodies are suppose to dress and act.

The way we see it, the only cultural expectations of us are the oneg we have for ourselves. we're also conscious of how different the two of us when it comes to our gender identity. I'm female- identitably andty is trans - but we're both highly variable com for tatly we satile. we want to reject the bitraly nature of identify - we want to ma sculine and sensitive,

Feminine and strong, and all the things in between. being sissies isn't about being weak, it's about being to shionable, comfortable, fabulous, non-aggro, versatile and most importantly happy.

Sissy inspiration!

Miss vu

miss vu started her one femme soireein Toronfo, and I was always bowled over by the amont of attention and detinl that she paid to making a apectacular high femore entrance. she is a make up artist and this is what she lells me:

Bobbr Brown is great for a soft natural, barely there look, for women of colour this is the BEST line for hard to match skin tones. MAC is better for dramatic, stage fashion style make up. The girls there are amazing at giving helpful hints and tricks to learn what best suits your face shape, etc.

My rule of thumb is LESS IS MORE. When I'm doing high fashion looks it seems there is a lot going on - but I am very delicake handed in placement of product: it's cosier to slowly add more where needed than remove when you've used too much. I dislike white eyeliner on the upper lid, powder blue eyeshadow is not a very flattering colour far anyone and do not put bronzer all over year face like it's a face powder! Bronzer is used to create warmth an the skin, but it is also used to shade and shape the face - so using it in the appropriote places is of the utmost importance. When you brush it all over the face you are moking the skin look muddy and dirty.

Cheap quality make up uses cheapering redients, which clogs your pores. stains and irritates skin, talls off or doesn't show up. It aften shows up patchy. doesn't have the same colour pay off, and can be diffcult to use investin the expensive stuff, it's worth it! Bobbi Brown & MAC are my obvious favouyrites!

To be hones, I'm excited that bois are starting to wear make up. I feel that if they start embracing that in themselves more. that there will be start embracing that in themselves more. that there will be more space in their hearts for girls like me who do it full time. Then femmes can be embraced in all their femininity.

A MAC also ceputedly welcomes trans women signing Rupanl as the first American trans super model in 1995.


I think you grow up to fear your femirine side as if it is all things that make you weat and vulnerable..

Sissy means everything you grow up fearing to be, from childhood into adult hood, en compacing words such as pansy, faggot, flam boy ant, girlie, gay. It is often put on the opposite spechum of what is considered 'good', strong, and 'mas culine', meaning it is 'bad', weak, and effeminate' or 'feminine'.

Sussyness is fast of my gender identity, though I may not after use the was a itself.I think if after refers to feminine evergy in reference to men.

For me I am say in touch with both sides of myself both macculine and feminine.

I like to dress as a fam boy aka Aaliyah style, baggie pants, afea light tops, tank fops, and some ngl tops. I've also been getting into the dangly carrings.

In Supec Quee roe ILL NANA/OCNC state, I am afan of booty shorts, shlettos, on occasion draping fabarics. I grew up after being told I am 'too skinmy' and 'weak loaking', as ILL NA NA! OCDCI wanted to presentan alternative to that notion for my self and others. So since I am in control, I get to be powerful and present my body type out there as something that is both small, strong, and sevy ill of the same time!

Sissy is something I feared for a long time, and tried to hide, as I became more comfortable with who I am and embraced all sides of the most porwerfal sides of myself-
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