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Queen Elizabeth suffers 'sprained back'. Nov 15, 2021 746
Queen Elizabeth II is forced to slow down at age 95. Oct 29, 2021 729
Confusion reigns over Queen Elizabeth II's health after hospital stay. Oct 23, 2021 608
Queen Elizabeth, Prime Minister wish England luck in Euro final. Jul 11, 2021 577
Katherine of Aragon's Deathbed: Why Chapuys Brought a Fool. van Pelt, Nadia T. Report Jun 1, 2021 10942
Husband's death has left 'huge void' for Queen Elizabeth II: son. Apr 11, 2021 848
DOMESTIC ARRANGEMENT: Many British monarchs have enjoyed buying works of art, but few have paid as much close attention to the Royal Collection as Queen Mary--who can be regarded as one of its leading curators. Tambling, Kirsten Mar 1, 2021 2949
Pope, Queen Elizabeth join vaccine drive as UK tops 3 million cases. Jan 10, 2021 585
Thomas Sampson Refashions Shakespeare's Queen Elizabeth. Bergeron, David M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2021 9615
Record US virus cases as reports say British queen to get vaccine soon. Dec 7, 2020 784
Death of a Stateswoman: Elizabeth Tudor and the Critique of Female Rule in La regina statista d'Inghilterra (1668). Battista, Fabio Critical essay Dec 22, 2019 9094
Cleopatra VII Philopator's Final Moments: Depictions in Five Paintings. Ray, Anirban Critical essay Sep 22, 2019 5864
Queen Elizabeth and the "Judgement of Paris". Strobl, Erzsebet Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 7742
Movie Sparks Furor From Hindus In India. Brief article Mar 1, 2018 205
Anne of the Wicked Ways: Perceptions of Anne Boleyn as a Witch in History and in Popular Culture. Hui, Roland Essay Jan 1, 2018 11493
Wielding the Maternal Body: Queen Anna of Denmark Performs Blackface Pregnancy. Thiel, Sara B.T. Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 2046
Anne of Cleves in Book and Manuscript. Schutte, Valerie Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 10405
Depictions of Catholic and Protestant Bodies in Elizabeth (dir. Kapur, 1998). DeSilva, Jennifer M.; Orewiler, Alison R. Critical essay Oct 1, 2017 12100
THE PRINCESS AND THE AMERICANS: Steeped in American pop culture, and growing up amid a war that brought Americans to her doorstep, England's future queen developed a lasting bond with the Yanks across the Atlantic. Weisenmiller, Mark Oct 1, 2017 2591
"I will not let the British rule my state."--Rani Lakshmi Bai. Shristy Biography Jul 1, 2017 533
The dressmaker Rose Bertin held sway over Marie Antoinette--and was the first celebrity fashion designer. O'Byrne, Robert Jun 1, 2017 783
England's leading lady. Alexander, Tasha Dec 1, 2016 527
The Queen Sheba's Manifold Body: Creole Black Women Performing Sexuality, Cultural Identity, and Power in Seventeenth-Century Mexico City. Valerio, Miguel Alejandro Report Sep 22, 2016 7192
The Crown and Prime Ministerial Power. Lagasse, Philippe Jun 22, 2016 4315
Happy 90th, Queen Elizabeth! Apr 25, 2016 531
A Royal Welcome For Bhutan's Prince. Mar 21, 2016 518
Written like a 'gwd' Scotswoman: Margaret Tudor's use of Scots'. Williams, Graham Biography Jan 1, 2016 10228
An analysis of conflicts in Ghana: the case of Dagbon chieftaincy. Issifu, Abdul Karim Report Sep 30, 2015 7005
Queen mothers: the unseen hands in chieftaincy conflicts among the Akan in Ghana: myth or reality? Owusu-Mensah, I.; Asante, W.; Osew, W.K. Report Sep 30, 2015 6371
The new government: what's in store? Plans outlined in the Queen's Speech have attracted criticism from senior figures in Unite/CPHVA. Jul 1, 2015 1251
Her majesty the Queen Mother of Bhutan Sangay Choden Wangchuck: in conversation with Susan S. Bean. Interview Jun 1, 2015 3440
The language of suffering in Anne Killigrew's "On the Birthday of Queen Katherine" and Penelope to Ulysses. Linker, Laura Critical essay Mar 22, 2015 4271
Queen Rania and Yousra team up to honor the mommas of the Middle East. Brief article Mar 19, 2015 199
'Just the beginning'. Brief article Feb 27, 2015 124
Hop in! Queen Elizabeth took the late Saudi King Abdullah for a spin in her Land Rover! Brief article Jan 24, 2015 141
On the wrong side of history. Young, R.V. Jan 1, 2015 1515
Bertrada de Montfort, Peter Abelard, and Adelard of Bath: the critique of authority in the early twelfth century. Mews, Constant J. Essay Jan 1, 2015 14491
"I'll find a day to massacre them all": Tamora in Titus Andronicus and Catherine de Medicis. Carney, Jo Eldridge Critical essay Dec 22, 2014 7877
Hilary Mantel's Anne Boleyn: locating a body of evidence. Roders, Dana Essay Dec 1, 2014 4689
Boadicea and British suffrage feminists. Johnson, Marguerite Essay Nov 1, 2014 6588
My Super Sweet 23! Mariam Hussain receives a Bentley for her Bday! Brief article Sep 23, 2014 251
A celebration fit for a Queen! Ragheb Alama & Nancy Ajram celebrate Queen Elizabeth's bday in Beirut. Brief article Jun 29, 2014 266
Pope meets with Queen Elizabeth. Brief article May 1, 2014 305
Queen Elizabeth to visit Pope Francis. Brief article Mar 1, 2014 135
Queen Mary I's books at Lambeth Palace Library. Schutte, Valerie Jan 1, 2014 1507
My Alter Egos Ran Off With This Poem. Tobey, Chrys Poem Sep 22, 2013 389
How the End Begins: My Tenure as Queen. Cruz, Cynthia Poem Sep 1, 2013 184
Destination News - Europe. Jun 3, 2013 10090
The death of Queen Jane: ballad, history, and propaganda. Vannan, Alastair Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 10328
Herstory: who was Cleopatra? How did this woman get to be the most powerful woman in the world? Cleopatra was very wise, and she stopped at nothing to keep her kingdom. Bell, Emilia Biography Nov 1, 2012 821
A loyalist gift to a queen. Anderson, George Sep 22, 2012 600
Churchill, the Queen and the Press Club. Jones, Sheilla Sep 22, 2012 1712
The Steward, The King, and The Queen: fealty and love in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and in Sir Orfeo. Bridgwater, Sue Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 10195
Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee in Manitoba. Goldsborough, Gordon Jun 22, 2012 1540
Leadership qualities of a Warrior Queen. Jordan, Mary Ann Essay Jun 22, 2012 3652
Diamond Jubilee Weekend: UK Braces up for Celebrations [PHOTOS]. Jun 1, 2012 368
Common denominators in successful female statecraft: the political legacies of Queen Elizabeth I, Indira Gandhi, and Margaret Thatcher. Wagner-Wright, Sandra Essay Mar 22, 2012 8564
Killer moisturizer. Brief article Jan 30, 2012 161
Iconicizing kingship in Elizabethan England: strategic acting by Queen Elizabeth I. Kizelbach, Urszula Essay Jan 1, 2012 6109
A Christmas tale of swans and trains, of a president, kings and queens. Baker, Robert Dec 21, 2011 1077
Margaret Queen of Scots 1045-1093. Daffern, Kate Biography Oct 1, 2011 2577
Cleopatra an enigmatic icon. Highet, Juliet Biography Oct 1, 2011 1339
"Treacherous memories" of regicide: the calves-head club in the age of Anne. Orihel, Michelle Essay Sep 22, 2011 11193
Wounded maternity, sharp revenge: Shakespeare's representations of queens in light of the Hecuba myth. Tassi, Marguerite A. Jun 22, 2011 6857
Female piety in the reign of Elizabeth I. Reynolds, Paige Martin Essay Jun 22, 2011 7066
Mr Macready and his monarch. Foulkes, Richard Essay Jun 1, 2011 4108
The blessings and perils of female rule: New perspectives on the reigning queens of Patani, c. 1584-1718. Amirell, Stefan Report Jun 1, 2011 11963
The Virgin queen: Elizabeth I ruled England for 45 years, becoming one of the most powerful women in Western history. Huso, Deborah May 1, 2011 1157
Queen Elizabetha[euro](tm)s 85th birthday a[euro]" A royal celebration (PHOTOS). Brief article Apr 22, 2011 172
Dressed Up. Mar 15, 2011 1168
Jerusalem: dark and satanic: Outremer, the crusader kingdom, and its capital Jerusalem entered a golden age during the 1130s. Simon Sebag Montefiore portrays its extraordinary cast of kings, queens, conquerors and criminals. Montefiore, Simon Sebag Jan 1, 2011 4506
Cleopatra. Tyldesley, Joyce Recommended readings Jan 1, 2011 2287
Esther and Vashti Discuss King Xerxes in a Rape Counseling Center. Lauren, Rebecca Poem Dec 22, 2010 283
A Queen's Journey: A Novel. Houston, James D. Novel Nov 1, 2010 9066
Elham Shaheen is not "Shajarit Al Durr". Brief article Oct 5, 2010 201
Exception to the rule: the idea of a female monarch was met with hostility in medieval England; in the 12th century Matilda's claim to the throne had led to a long and bitter civil war. But the death of Edward VI in 1553 offered new opportunities for queenship. Castor, Helen Oct 1, 2010 3694
World history: Cleopatra: Egypt's last Queen. Brief article Sep 20, 2010 239
Quiz Wizard. Sep 20, 2010 509
Makeup secrets of the queen. Brief article May 10, 2010 165
An ideal stepmother: Katherine Parr, the intelligent and ambitious last queen of Henry VIII, had a profound influence on the development of Edward VI and Elizabeth I. Linda Porter looks at her relationships with the royal children and shows how she helped shape the mind of one of England's greatest monarchs. Porter, Linda Essay Mar 1, 2010 3673
Modeling the processes of social-pediatric service: innovative approach in social work. Gulyaevskaya, Natalia V. Report Jan 1, 2010 3579
Clip & save art notes. Carroll, Colleen Jan 1, 2010 1079
25 years ago: fall 1984. McBride, Robert C. Brief article Sep 22, 2009 210
Redressing the queen's two bodies in Kate Atkinson's Behind the Scenes at the Museum. Hargreaves, Tracy Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 7690
Throned in platinum: politically they were a disaster but a spectacular exhibition in Madrid makes plain that Carlos IV and Queen Maria Luisa were superb patrons of art. Rowell, Christopher Jul 1, 2009 1196
Birthday of the British Queen celebrated. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 106
Cleopatra's chamber. Brief article Jun 1, 2009 186
The not so secret diary of Queen Victoria. Brief article May 1, 2009 120
The queen and the cardinal: Eamon Duffy explores the relationship between Mary I and her Archbishop of Canterbury Cardinal Pole. Pole's advice to his queen about attitudes to Henry VIII and in dealing with heretics show he played a far more energetic role in the restoration of the 'true religion' than he has been given credit for. Duffy, Eamon May 1, 2009 3518
Queen Victoria and the palace martyr: Kate Williams looks at the scandal that rocked court and parliament in the early years of Victoria's reign, resulting in a personal and political crisis for the young queen. Williams, Kate Apr 1, 2009 3098
'A christal glasse for Christian women': meditations on Christ's Passion in the devotional literature of renaissance women. James, Frances Report Mar 1, 2009 8772
The Queen. Garcia, Felecia Caton Poem Dec 22, 2008 175
Nov 17 1558: the accession of Elizabeth I. Cavendish, Richard Nov 1, 2008 769
Advice to Elizabeth: 450 years ago this month, the young Elizabeth became queen of England. Norman Jones looks at evidence from the state papers, newly available online from Cengage, to show how those close to her viewed the challenges faced in the early days by Elizabethan England. Jones, Norman Cover story Nov 1, 2008 3698
Busy Lizzie: Trea Martyn describes how urban living and a historical oasis in the capital inspired her interest in garden history, and in Elizabethan gardens in particular. Martyn, Trea Nov 1, 2008 1387
Queen Rania on YouTube. Oct 1, 2008 577
Jordan queen connects with her subjects via YouTube. Jafaar, Ali Aug 18, 2008 476
The sinking queen. Pizzigati, Sam Brief article Jul 1, 2008 172
Queen of Scots, Dauphine of France. Cavendish, Richard Brief biography Apr 1, 2008 485
Queen Elizabeth gets green. Mar 22, 2008 293
Royal titles and styles. Smy, William A. Mar 22, 2008 1991
Off with her hair. Brief article Mar 1, 2008 142
Lament for Sideshow. Livingston, Reb Poem Mar 1, 2008 147
A crush of Queens reign in a celebrity age. Dawtrey, Adam Jan 28, 2008 721
A comparative study of the Dido--Aeneas episode in Virgil's Aeneid and Christopher Marlowe's Dido, Queene of Carthage. du Plessis, Donatella Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 4157
Portugal's mad queen. Roberts, Jenifer Dec 1, 2007 3406
A clever Queen learns the wisdom of God: the Queen of Sheba in the Hebrew scriptures and the Qur'an. Tidswell, Toni Nov 1, 2007 6093
Women and the pursuit of power in the thirteenth century: the case of Alice, Queen-Regent of Cyprus (1218-1232) *. Kemal-Hilmi, Ahmet Biography Jul 1, 2007 10189
Minerals on coins. Birch, Bill May 1, 2007 362
Reel queens. Bayles, Martha Critical essay Dec 22, 2006 3210
Naked and not: two species of mole rats run complex societies underground. Milius, Susan Jun 24, 2006 2464
Marlow(e)'s Africa: postcolonial queenship in Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Marlowe's Dido, Queen of Carthage. Ray, Sid Critical essay Jun 22, 2006 7942
Royal website lists 80 facts about Queen Elizabeth. Brief article Apr 10, 2006 157
The Princess in the Tower: Alex Sanmark tells the strange tale of the ill-fated marriage of Philip Augustus of France and his Danish princess at the end of the twelfth century. Sanmark, Alex Feb 1, 2006 3678
A new face for the lady. Edwards, J. Stephan Dec 1, 2005 1264
"Wasting away is not permissible": German feminist fiction on Christina, Queen of Sweden. Maierhofer, Waltraud Sep 22, 2004 6656
Mary Queen of Scots and the French connection: Alexander Wilkinson considers what the French made of the controversial royal who played a pivotal role in the French wars of religion, both as Queen of Scots and Queen of France. Wilkinson, Alexander Jul 1, 2004 3322
Queen Juliana of the Netherlands, 1909-2004. Hylarides, Peter C. Obituary May 1, 2004 2583
Revealing Mary: Angela McShane Jones asks what depictions in broadsides of Mary II with her breasts exposed, tell us about 17th-century popular attitudes to royalty. Jones, Angela McShane Mar 1, 2004 3856
Bill Gates to receive honorary knighthood. Brief Article Jan 26, 2004 134
British Queen reveals 'Harry Potter' knowledge. Brief Article Jan 22, 2004 94
Newly-published diaries hint at the possibility that Queen Victoria married her servant John Brown in a secret ceremony. (News). Brief Article Jul 1, 2003 114
Lady Jane Grey proclaimed queen: July 10th, 1553. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Jul 1, 2003 735
Charismatic queens of Southern Asia: Anthony Reid traces some surprising precedents for the many recent women rulers in South and Southeast Asia. Reid, Anthony Jun 1, 2003 4045
In praise of her Majesty. Gillis, Mary C. Mar 22, 2003 428
British diplomacy in the Queen's reign: 1952-2002. Ramsay, Allan Aug 1, 2002 4440
Memories of Soraya: the belongings of the exotic Princess Soraya, former Empress of Iran, were sold at the Paris-based auction house of Drouot-Montaigne recently. (Mosaic). Kadivar, Cyrus Obituary Jul 1, 2002 1229
Shakespeare under two Elizabeths. Berry, Ralph Jul 1, 2002 2737
Victoria: Lynne Vallone reviews the life of the woman who has occupied the throne longer than any other individual, and considers the tensions between her private and public selves. (Cover Story). Vallone, Lynne Jun 1, 2002 4551
The Legacy of the Queen Mother. Mullen, Richard Jun 1, 2002 2627
Eleanor of Aquitaine marries Henry of Anjou: May 18th, 1152. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article May 1, 2002 696
Queen victoria and mrs. brown. Timko, Michael May 1, 2002 3652
Greeting Elizabeth II. (New Zealand). Brief Article Apr 2, 2002 83
Coronation of Queen Anne. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 694
Women in ancient history. Hill, Debora; Brandenburg, Sandra Mar 22, 2002 2684
Danish Queen to open exhibition of own art in Finland. Brief Article Feb 8, 2002 104
The Queen's Golden Jubilee. Mullen, Richard Feb 1, 2002 2740
Catherine the great: a personal view. de Madariaga, Isabel Critical Essay Nov 1, 2001 4485
Elizabeth I's `Golden' Speech: November 30th, 1601. (Months Past). Cavendish, Richard Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 617
Yaa Asantewaa - warrior queen. (The Arts). Duodu, Cameron Jun 1, 2001 1361
Yaa Asantewaa on stage: The Exploits of Yaa Asantewaa, the Warrior Queen of the Asantes in Ghana (see NA Dec), will soon be showing at a theatre near you. And you just cannot afford to miss it. (Theatre). Boateng, Osei Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 887
Learning From a Legend. Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 481
Yaa Asantewaa: a woman of iron. Agyeman-Duah, Ivor; Boateng, Osei Dec 1, 2000 2259
ELIZABETH THE WRITER. Marcus, Leah Oct 1, 2000 2382
Asps: cobras or vipers? Apr 1, 2000 879
Ruling Sexuality: The Political Legitimacy of Isabel of Castile [*]. LEHFELDT, ELIZABETH A. Mar 22, 2000 11953
Marlowe's Travesty of Virgil: Dido and Elizabethan Dreams of Empire. STUMP, DONALD Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 11230
COMMENT... Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 443
Queen Elizabeth's image repair discourse: insensitive royal or compassionate queen? Benoit, William L.; Brinson, Susan L. Jun 22, 1999 4938
Spotlight on a queen. Darwish, Adel Mar 1, 1999 721
The world we have lost. Heisch, Allison Sep 1, 1998 2460
'Printed at London anonymous': was there ever an attempt to publish the first edition of the Defence of Mary Queen of Scots in England? Coles, Kimberly Bibliography Aug 1, 1998 4917
Sons and mothers: Agrippina, Semiramis, and the philological construction of gender roles in early modern Germany (Lohenstein's 'Agrippina,' 1665) Newman, Jane O. Mar 22, 1996 15525
Nostalgia and the not yet late queen: refusing female rule in 'Henry V.' Eggert, Katherine Sep 22, 1994 12467
Hatshepsut: the female pharaoh. Ray, John May 1, 1994 3877
'The Duchess of Malfi' and Catherine of Valois. Lares, Jameela Jun 1, 1993 3098
Elizabeth I (Elizabeth Tudor). Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 296
Margaret of Anjou. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 151
Margaret of Navarre. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 151
Marie Antoinette. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 134
Mary I. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 123
Parr, Catherine. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 106
Boleyn, Anne. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 101
Eleanor of Aquitaine. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 141
Cleopatra. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 341
Mary, Queen of Scots. Reference Source Jan 1, 1987 309

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