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Quebecor Multimedia Announces the Acquisition of Shares in E-Design.

MONTREAL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 18, 1996--Quebecor MultimediaToday, Quebecor Multimedia Inc. (through QMM Limited Partnership) announced that it has acquired 50 percent of the common shares of E-Design Inc.

E-Design Inc., located in Montreal, is a service oriented company committed to helping companies and organizations successfully integrate their marketing and sales strategies into the rapidly growing World Wide Web and Internet.

E-Design's services include Web presence design incorporating advanced HTML, CGI, VRML and Java programming and content authoring, Web site hosting, site maintenance, content updates and database design and integration.

In addition, E-Design provides extensive market research and media planning for cross promotion in traditional media. For its larger corporate clients, the company offers turnkey systems including server installation and configuration.

"Thanks to its advanced technology expertise and the reputation of its team with regards to network applications, E-Design enhances the range of services already offered by Quebecor Multimedia", states Erik Peladeau, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Quebecor Multimedia Inc. "The high level of expertise and innovation shown by E-Design on the International Press Gateway project contributed greatly to our association."

"The network of companies created by Quebecor Multimedia, as well as Quebecor's access to the North American market combine to provide a unique expansion opportunity for E-Design", adds Sean Mollit, President of E-Design Inc.

Quebecor Multimedia Inc., acting as general partner of QMM Limited Partnership, a partnership formed by Quebecor Inc. and Quebecor Printing Inc., provides a full range of services relating to the publication, creation, production and distribution of interactive multimedia products.

These services are targeted to the publishers of books, newspapers, directories and magazines, retailers, cataloguers, direct marketing experts as well as producers of corporate communications. It also provides all types of companies access to a computerized data interchange system.

The company operates six other firms: St. Remy Multimedia Inc. in Montreal, Quebec; Quebecor DIL Multimedia Inc. in Montreal, Quebec; Citius of America Inc. in Montreal, Quebec; Gestion Micro-Intel Inc. in Montreal, Quebec; Sierra Creative Communications Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, and Quebecor Interactive L.P. in Bellevue (Seattle), Washington.

It has sales offices in Montreal, Toronto, New York and Chicago.

CONTACT: Quebecor Multimedia Inc.

Mr. Jean Lamontagne, 514/877-5171


E-Design Inc.

Mr. Sean Mollitt, 514/933-9776
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jul 18, 1996
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