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Quebec train disaster spurs wrongful death lawsuit.

Byline: Ashley Post

A train crash that took place earlier this month in Canada has spurred a wrongful death lawsuit.

On July 6, an unattended parked train packed with 72 tankers of crude oil rolled downhill into a Quebec town. More than 20 cars derailed, and the tankers crashed and exploded. The accident killed 47 people.

On Monday, the guardian of a young girl whose father died in the accident filed a wrongful death lawsuit against railroad operator Montreal Maine and Atlantic Railway Inc.; its chairman, Edward Burkhardt; its parent company, Rail World Inc.; fuel company World Fuel Services Corp.; and other companies tied to the disaster.

The suit claims the companies failed to keep the train's oil tankers up to government safety standards and are therefore liable for the man's death.

Read Bloomberg and Reuters for more about the suit.

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Date:Jul 24, 2013
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