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Quebec's day care fee rise debated. (General).

QUEBEC -- The proposal of the new Charest government to raise the fees on Quebec's universal $5 a day daycare program is meeting strong opposition. The Quebec Association of Daycare Centres presented a 107,000 signature petition to the National Assembly aimed at maintaining the current system.

Deputy Families Minister Carole Theberge has refused to rule out a rise in the cost of daycare fees. She repeated the government's objective to create 3,000 new daycare spots by the fall, and said that all scenarios are still being considered.

The head of the Opposition, former premier Bernard Landry, asked the premier to assure parents that universal daycare will be maintained.

Charest pointed out that Landry had once said that it would be stupid to believe that the cost of daycare would be the same in five or ten years.

Charest has criticized the PQ administration for setting up a network that can't provide the necessary places for parents. One-hundred and fifty-thousand daycare places were created under the PQ government, but currently 33,000 more places are needed.
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Publication:Community Action
Date:Jun 16, 2003
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