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Quarterly Journal of Speech: Pure persuasion: a case study of Nushu or "women's script" discourses.

This essay argues that an unusual body of discourse, Nushu, a reputedly thousand-year-old phonetic transcription of Jiangyong dialect articulated in a variety of texts sung and chanted by rural women over their needlework on red cloth, handkerchiefs, and fans in a remote area of China, may be an exemplar of discourse with many characteristics of Burke's pure persuasion. In this analysis, the essay illumines Kenneth Burke's puzzling work on pure persuasion, suggesting that pure persuasion has four characteristics: It is: (1) primarily consummatory in purpose or becomes instrumental or resistant indirectly or secondarily; (2) a near relation of dramatic performance, ritual, and prayer; (3) creates and maintains identity; and (4) relies on form--formal elements are essential to its enactment.

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Title Annotation:Abstracts
Author:Lee, Lin-Lee
Publication:Women and Language
Article Type:Case study
Geographic Code:9CHIN
Date:Mar 22, 2007
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