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Quarry Technologies Introduces the First Application Service Edge Switch.

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BURLINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2000

New iQ8000(TM)Brings Application Intelligence to the Delivery of

Secure, High Quality, Differentiated Services over IP Networks

Quarry Technologies, Inc., an emerging force in the high-growth telecommunications equipment market, today announced the iQ8000(TM) and iQSMS(TM), the first products in its iQ Series product line. Together they form the first broadband, carrier-class switching system with application intelligence. The system will debut at SUPERCOMM 2000, the industry's largest annual communications and technology trade event, taking place in Atlanta this June.

Quarry Technologies offers Network Service Providers (NSPs) the means to meet the demands of business customers for security and guaranteed performance of mission critical applications over the Internet and other IP networks. The Quarry Technologies iQ8000, is a compact, service edge switch scalable to support tens of thousands of business customers and millions of users with high-value IP services. The iQSMS is Quarry's comprehensive service management suite. It enables rapid provisioning of both basic and enhanced services by less technical staff, or by the customer directly, for on-demand networking with continuous performance visibility at the application level.

Quarry's hardware is based on a unique and powerful mix of new patent-pending technology, custom high-performance ASICs and leading-edge network processors to enable complex processing of IP data flows at optical speeds up to OC-48 (2.5 Gbps).

This rich set of powerful capabilities, available only from Quarry, enables NSPs to offer both customer and application specific Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that meet the stringent requirements of Application Service Providers (ASPs) and other businesses for secure, predictable, high-quality services over IP networks.

High Growth Service Provider Markets

Quarry's target market is NSPs planning for convergence of media types, application types, or network types (both public and managed private networks) onto a common IP infrastructure. Operating between broadband access networks (DSL, ATM, Switched Ethernet, etc.) and the WAN backbone, Quarry's solutions enable these service providers to dramatically reduce their operational costs, increase responsiveness and boost their business value to the customer.

"In today's marketplace where technology advancement and competition continue to move at lightening-speed, it is extremely difficult to anticipate what services the customer is going to want and expect from their service provider in the future." said Bob Larribeau, Director of Edge Switching and Routing at RHK, Inc. "Systems that can provide an intelligent, secure IP infrastructure that allow companies to define service priorities like provisioning and billing will be of immense value to providers.

"As corporate enterprises increase their dependence on the public network to conduct e-commerce and run internal systems in a distributed mode, they are demanding bullet-proof security, on-demand networking and precise accountability from their carriers," said Jean Hammond, Quarry Technologies' co-founder and CEO. "For example, consider today's corporate IT director or ASP responsible for a multi-million dollar Supply Chain Integration program with dozens or hundreds of vendors. He or she needs the confidence to know their service provider can deliver encrypted VPN services to each major supplier with an extremely low packet latency and the flexibility to change the configuration on a moments notice-not days or weeks."

Mass Customization Made Easy

Quarry Technologies' iQSMS Service Management Suite eliminates the complexity of provisioning high-value IP services. Network-wide customized services and account profiles are easily created via succinct, well-organized templates. The system translates these high-level business decisions into specific configuration actions for traffic management, security, monitoring and usage accounting data collection.

Quarry's built-in intelligence and intuitive interface reduce the staff training, risk and time associated with managing and provisioning networks allowing senior technical staff to concentrate on complex matters, while improving the overall customer experience. Dozens of concurrent service representatives can be supported on the system.

Customers can also view their own service levels and accounting data directly, in real-time, securely over the web. For customers with on-demand configuration and policy changes, the distributed iQSMS system allows for a secure, remote window into any given customer's configuration via the web, which can be tailored by the degree of direct control the service provider is willing to offer for self-management.

"This is outstanding technology," added Reed Caldwell, CEO of ServInt Internet Services, a leading provider of streaming media services, content hosting and backbone Internet access. "Growth in our business depends critically on the ability to deliver specific applications with service level guarantees. Quarry Technologies' products and vision meet and exceed our expected requirements. ServInt hasn't seen any other options out there with comparable scale, performance and ease of use."

High Level Benefits From Low Level Innovations

The only way to deliver these high-level business benefits is to build speed and intelligence into the lowest-level components of the product. Quarry's cutting-edge team of engineers has developed a unique architecture called Flow Application Streaming Technology(TM) (FAST) that combines custom ASICs and powerful programmable network processors with patent-pending algorithms for priority queuing, virtual routing and real-time statistics. FAST implements intelligent traffic classification, policing, fine-grained queuing, dynamic firewall filtering, address translation, priority-sensitive traffic aggregation and more, all at optical speeds without compromising performance.

Its ability to handle millions of different IP flows with innovative queuing logic and extensive real-time statistics per flow yields unmatched monitoring and enforcement of Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Each SLA can be both customer and application specific, as desired, and each customer account can have different rule sets for QoS, routing and security policies. The FAST architecture works identically over ATM, Packet-over-SONET and Ethernet interfaces, and is not dependent on an ATM networks for its service level guarantees.

Complete Virtual Private Network (VPN) support (including IPSec, L2TP and MPLS) provides state-of-the-art security, compression and performance-assured "tunnels" across the IP backbone in conjunction with the industry standard for differentiated services over IP (DiffServ). "Virtual routers" isolate the security, forwarding behaviors, and routing policies to be used for each business customer. Tens of thousands of virtual routers can be supported with each one capable of utilizing all available network resources to maximum efficiency. Routing support includes BGP-4 and the common Distance Vector and Link-State protocols for complete compatibility with existing networks.

The iQ8000 offers a range of interfaces, including ATM and Packet-over-SONET/SDH up to OC-12, and Ethernet up to Gigabit speed. Its compact 16-slot chassis delivers very high service densities (e.g., up to 128 OC-3 connections in a single 7-foot rack containing four chassis) plus full redundancy, hot-swap support, fault-tolerance and NEBS Level 3 compliance for true carrier-class operation. The scalable design of Quarry's iQ Series will be offered in a variety of form factors and will include OC-48 interfaces with ODSI support for interfacing to the optically switched WAN backbone in a subsequent release.

"We are extremely excited about the iQ8000 product family," said Steve Blumenthal, a senior vice president at Genuity (formerly GTE Internetworking). "Not only does it have the power to make latency sensitive services like Voice over IP (VOIP) successful in the broad market, but it opens up a whole frontier for new kinds of billable business services as well as self-managed wholesaling to regional ISPs."

Pricing and Availability

Quarry's iQ8000, the first in the family of Application Service Edge Switches, is scheduled for customer trials in late summer and commercial availability in Q4 2000. Entry versions of the iQ8000 will be $120,000. Configurations of iQMS suitable for a typical mid-tier ISP will be priced at $60,000.

About Quarry Technologies

Quarry Technologies, Inc. develops Application Service Edge Switch equipment that enables service providers to deliver mission-critical applications for business customers securely over IP networks. Quarry is a privately held company. The company has received two rounds of venture funding. Investors include: Walden International Investment Group, ArchVenture Partners, Alta Partners, Tredegar Investments, Sofinnova Ventures, MGN Opportunity Group LLC, Boston University Community Technology Fund, Dow Chemical Company and Genuity (formerly GTE Internetworking).

The Company is located at 8 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA 01803 and on the World Wide Web at
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Date:May 22, 2000
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