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Search for the Charmed Baryonium and Dibaryon Structures via the QCD Sum Rules. Wang, Xiu-Wu; Wang, Zhi-Gang Apr 28, 2022 5977
A Short Theoretical Review of Charmonium Production. Chen, An-Ping; Ma, Yan-Qing; Zhang, Hong Mar 7, 2022 12087
Hadronic Molecule Interpretation of T[][sup.+] and Its Beauty Partners. Ren, Huimin; Wu, Fan; Zhu, Ruilin Mar 4, 2022 5508
Multisource Thermal Model Describing Transverse Momentum Spectra of Final-State Particles in High-Energy Collisions. Liu, Fu-Hu; Chen, Jia-Yu; Zhang, Qiang Mar 3, 2022 8166
Calculated Event Rates for Axion Detection via Atomic and Nuclear Processes. Vergados, John D.; Divari, Paraskevi C.; Ejiri, Hiroyasu Feb 22, 2022 16406
Thermal Freeze-Out Parameters and Pseudoentropy from Charged Hadron Spectra in High-Energy Collisions. Zhang, Xu-Hong; Gao, Ya-Qin; Liu, Fu-Hu; Olimov, Khusniddin K. Feb 21, 2022 20025
Quark-Antiquark Effective Potential in Symplectic Quantum Mechanics. Luz, Renato; Petronilo, Gustavo; de Santana, Ademir; Costa, Caroline; Amorim, Ronni; Paiva, Rendisle Feb 7, 2022 6478
A Relativistic Compact Stellar Model of Anisotropic Quark Matter Mixed with Dark Energy. Grammenos, Theophanes; Rahaman, Farook; Ray, Saibal; Deb, Debabrata; Chowdhury, Sourav Roy Nov 8, 2021 10329
Investigation of Baryons in the Hypercentral Quark Model. Tazimi, N.; Sadeghi Alavijeh, P. Oct 21, 2021 5956
Study of the Ground-State Energies of Some Nuclei Using Hybrid Model. Hussien, R.; Sewailem, Sh. M.; Abou-Salem, L. I. Sep 6, 2021 8307
Quark Expeditions Launches Its Innovative Arctic 2023 Season. Aug 17, 2021 370
An Effective Model for Glueballs and Dual Superconductivity at Finite Temperature. Issifu, Adamu; Brito, Francisco A. Aug 10, 2021 27228
Charmonium Properties Using the Discrete Variable Representation (DVR) Method. A., Bhaghyesh Jul 30, 2021 5177
Statistical Behavior of Lepton Pair Spectrum in the Drell-Yan Process and Signal from Quark-Gluon Plasma in High-Energy Collisions. Zhang, Xu-Hong; Liu, Fu-Hu Jun 1, 2021 11692
Confinement of Fermions in Tachyon Matter at Finite Temperature. Issifu, Adamu; Rocha, Julio C. M.; Brito, Francisco A. May 5, 2021 15864
Transverse Momentum and Pseudorapidity Spectrum of the Top Quark, Lepton, and b Jet in Proton-Proton Collisions at LHC. Gao, Li-Na; Wang, Er-Qin Apr 23, 2021 5283
T-Odd Anomalous Interactions of the Top-Quark at the Large Hadron Collider. Tiwari, Apurba; Gupta, Sudhir Kumar Apr 15, 2021 19000
The Substantive Model of the Proton According to J. Wheeler's Geometrodynamic Concept. Belyakov, Anatoly V. Apr 1, 2021 3915
Dirac 4*1 Wavefunction Recast into a 4*4 Type Wavefunction. Nyambuya, G.G. Apr 1, 2021 4153
Quark Expeditions Takes Over New Ship, Ultramarine. Apr 1, 2021 538
Scientists Arrive at Potentially 'New Force of Nature' During Large Hadron Collider Experiment. Mar 24, 2021 493
Study of Production of (Anti-)deuteron Observed in Au+Au Collisions at [square root of s[sub.NN]]=14.5, 62.4, and 200GeV. Yuan, Ying Mar 15, 2021 4133
Model of Charged Anisotropic Strange Stars in Minimally Coupled f(R) Gravity. Nazar, H.; Abbas, G. Jan 4, 2021 13852
Particle Production in Small and Large Systems at High-Energy and High-Density Frontiers. Liu, Fu-Hu; Fakhraddin, Sakina; Sahoo, Raghunath; Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, Edward K.; Singh, Bhartendu K. Jan 1, 2021 1711
Quark Expeditions Launches Industry's Most Rigorous COVID Travel Policy. Dec 22, 2020 486
Quark Expeditions Launches Industry's Most Rigorous COVID Travel Policy. Dec 22, 2020 486
DUNE Prospect for Leptophobic Dark Matter. Naaz, Sabeeha; Singh, Jyotsna; Singh, R. B. Nov 27, 2020 8569
Spin Splitting Spectroscopy of Heavy Quark and Antiquarks Systems. Mansour, Hesham; Gamal, Ahmed; Abolmahassen, M. Nov 24, 2020 5389
A New Description of Transverse Momentum Spectra of Identified Particles Produced in Proton-Proton Collisions at High Energies. Yang, Pei-Pin; Liu, Fu-Hu; Sahoo, Raghunath Oct 30, 2020 10599
Sausage and quark ragu with tagliatelle; midweek meal. Recipe Oct 17, 2020 220
Z Boson Production via p-p and Pb-Pb Collisions at [square root of s[sub.pp]]=5.02TeV. Kisslinger, Leonard S.; Das, Debasish Sep 24, 2020 2584
Top Quark Pair-Production in Noncommutative Standard Model. Fisli, M.; Mebarki, N. Aug 31, 2020 3775
Nonperturbative and Thermal Dynamics of Confined Fields in Dual QCD. Chandola, H.C.; Rawat, Deependra Singh; Yadav, Dinesh; Pandey, H.C.; Dehnen, H. Jul 31, 2020 8619
Quark Henares questions use of filmmakers for SONA. Jul 28, 2020 395
Quark Expeditions offers polar expeditions in Greenland using twin-engine helicopters. Jul 23, 2020 153
Influence of the Effective Potential on the Crossover Width in the Two Flavor Polyakov-Nambu-Jona-Lasinio Model. Valbuena-Ordonez, E.; Mata-Carrizal, N.B.; Garza-Aguirre, A.J.; Morones-Ibarra, J.R. Jun 30, 2020 7934
Desserts; Chocolate meringue kisses. Recipe Jun 20, 2020 415
Desserts. Recipe Jun 20, 2020 418
'We had a Zoom party for our cat's birthday attended by cats, dogs and friends'. Jun 6, 2020 1128
Confinement of Fermions in Tachyon Matter. Issifu, Adamu; Brito, Francisco A. May 31, 2020 12470
Study of b [right arrow] c Induced [[bar.B].sup.*] [right arrow] Vl[[bar.v].sub.l] Decays. Chang, Qin; Wang, Xiao-Lin; Zhu, Jie; Li, Xiao-Nan Report May 31, 2020 9583
Elliptic Flow of Hadrons via Quark Coalescence Mechanism Using the Boltzmann Transport Equation for Pb+Pb Collision at [square root of ([s.sub.NN])] = 2.76 TeV. Younus, Mohammed; Tripathy, Sushanta; Tiwari, Swatantra Kumar; Sahoo, Raghunath Apr 30, 2020 8927
Gravity in the Microworld. Belyakov, Anatoly V. Apr 1, 2020 2848
Deconfinement and Freezeout Boundaries in Equilibrium Thermal Models. Tawfik, Abdel Nasser; Maher, Muhammad; El-Kateb, A.H.; Abdelaziz, Sara Mar 31, 2020 6063
Hybrid Meson Interpretation of the Exotic Resonance [[pi].sub.1](1600). Benhamida, Azzeddine; Semlala, Lahouari Mar 31, 2020 6879
Investigation of Particle Distributions in Xe-Xe Collision at [square root of ([s.sub.NN])] = 5.44TeV with the Tsallis Statistics. Zhao, Hai-Fu; Li, Bao-Chun; Dong, Hong-Wei Mar 1, 2020 3495
Study of Spin-Spin Correlations between Quark and a Spin-1/2 Composite System. Kaur, Satvir; Dahiya, Harleen Mar 1, 2020 4951
Transverse Momentum and Pseudorapidity Dependence of Particle Production in Xe-Xe Collision at [Square root of ([S.sub.NN])] = 5.44 TeV. Guo, Zhang-Li; Li, Bao-Chun; Dong, Hong-Wei Mar 1, 2020 3305
Quark Expeditions' Ultramarine Vessel is Ready for Booking. Jan 7, 2020 241
Flavor Mixing and the Permutation Symmetry among Generations. Kuo, T.K.; Chiu, S.H. Jan 1, 2020 6230
Investigating the Sterile Neutrino Parameters with QLC in 3 + 1 Scenario. Sharma, Gazal; Chauhan, B.C. Dec 31, 2019 6841
LOOK: Quark Henares meets U2's The Edge in Makati. Dec 11, 2019 350
Global Mapping Software Market 2019-2025: Major Players are Adobe Systems Incorporated,SolidWorks,Tianzheng Software,Autodesk,Softelec,Dataton,Quark Software,Corel,Apple,Microsoft. Nov 6, 2019 949
Flash Sale: Save up to 50% on Quark Expeditions for Antarctic. Oct 16, 2019 266
Quark Expeditions Surprise Weeklong Flash Sale Kicks Off with Exclusive Antarctica Deals. Oct 15, 2019 271
Laboratory Glassware Market Will Generate New Growth Opportunities From 2019-2028 With Key Players: DWK Life Sciences, Corning, Quark Enterprises & Bellco Glass / Radiant Insights, Inc. Oct 14, 2019 618
Generation of Baryons from Electromagnetic Instabilities of the Vacuum. Schilling, Osvaldo F. Oct 1, 2019 4408
Equation of States and Charmonium Suppression in Heavy-Ion Collisions. Nilima, Indrani; Agotiya, Vineet Kumar Aug 31, 2019 7825
Quark Expeditions Holds Keel-Laying Ceremony for Ultramarine. Aug 5, 2019 209
Joint Topics on Exotic Hadron States and Heavy Flavor Hadronic Decay. Kang, Xian-Wei; Oller, J.A.; Dai, Ling-Yun; Luo, Tao Jul 31, 2019 1076
GR = QM: Revealing the Common Origin for Gravitation and Quantum Mechanics via a Feedback Signal Approach to Fundamental Particle Behavior. Potter, Franklin Jul 1, 2019 13006
Back to Cosmos. Sanchez, F.M.; Kotov, V.A.; Grosmann, M.; Weigel, D.; Veysseyre, R.; Bizouard, C.; Flawisky, N.; Gay Jul 1, 2019 16090
Rapidity Dependent Transverse Momentum Spectra of Heavy Quarkonia Produced in Small Collision Systems at the LHC. Gao, Li-Na; Liu, Fu-Hu; Li, Bao-Chun Jun 30, 2019 9744
Direct CP Violation from Isospin Symmetry Breaking Effects for the Decay Process [[bar.B].sub.s] [right arrow] P(V) [[pi].sup.0] in PQCD. Lu, Gang; Zhi, Qin-Qin Jun 30, 2019 7490
Quark Expeditions Unveils Details of New Ultimate Polar Cruise Ship. Jun 4, 2019 245
Quark Expeditions Unveils Details of New Ultimate Polar Cruise Ship. Jun 4, 2019 245
When Quark, Bianca became #QBcome1: 'You are the love I never saw coming...'. Jun 2, 2019 2344
Unquenching the Quark Model in a Nonperturbative Scheme. Ortega, Pablo G.; Entem, David R.; Fernandez, Francisco May 31, 2019 5544
The man who proved the existence of quarks. May 27, 2019 407
LOOK: Quark Henares, Bianca Yuzon wed in Bali. May 25, 2019 188
LOOK: Quark Henares, Bianca Yuzon's food-themed prenup shoot. May 22, 2019 257
Nonperturbative Uncertainties on the Transverse Momentum Distribution of Electroweak Bosons and on the Determination of the W Boson Mass at the LHC. Bozzi, Giuseppe; Signori, Andrea Apr 30, 2019 8187
Search for Excited u and d Quarks in Dijet Final States at Future pp Colliders. Akay, Ahmet Nuri; Gunaydin, Yusuf Oguzhan; Sahin, Mehmet; Sultansoy, Saleh Apr 30, 2019 5083
Cornell Potential: A Neural Network Approach. Mutuk, Halil Mar 31, 2019 5090
The (De)confinement Transition in Tachyonic Matter at Finite Temperature. Issifu, Adamu; Brito, Francisco A. Mar 31, 2019 6842
Cheesecake-stuffed strawbberries; This healthy take on the classic dessert was so popular that it crashed the Pinch Of Nom website when it was first posted. Mar 25, 2019 123
Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries; This healthy take on the classic dessert was so popular that it crashed the Pinch Of Nom website when it was first posted. Mar 25, 2019 123
Why Matter Dominates Universe. Mar 22, 2019 776
The quark article. Mar 15, 2019 608
ad of the week: Muller models help Nicole explain Quark Yogurt concept. Oct 27, 2018 122
Neutron Stars Cast Light on Quark Matter. Jun 11, 2018 364
'When I turn 40 this month, I want to look biteable and perky!' Pop star Nicole Scherzinger, 39, on getting her figure even more rocking for a big birthday with her new beach-body regime and her favourite holiday habits. Jun 3, 2018 1438
Nicole Scherzinger wants to look 'biteable and perky' when she turns 40 this month; The singer, 39, on getting her figure rocking for her big birthday with a new beach-body regime and her favourite holiday habits. Jun 3, 2018 1448
"Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)". Apr 9, 2018 438
Quark Henares now engaged to singer Bianca Yuzon. Apr 9, 2018 489
WATCH: Quark Henares' proposal to Bianca Yuzon gets full support from Vicki Belo, Atom Henares. Apr 8, 2018 365
Axiom Brass offers journey from 'Quarks to Cosmos'. Arts, Submitted By Fermilab; Series, Lecture Mar 10, 2018 642
China May Launch Flagship X-Ray Space Observatory In 2025. Mar 9, 2018 565
Axiom Brass offers a musical journey from 'Quarks to Cosmos' March 11. Arts, Submitted By Fermilab; Series, Lecture Mar 5, 2018 644
Desserts; Chocolate yogurt mousses. Recipe Jan 6, 2018 352
Bound State of Heavy Quarks Using a General Polynomial Potential. Mansour, Hesham; Gamal, Ahmed Report Jan 1, 2018 3467
Perspectives on Decay and Time Evolution of Metastable States: From Particle Physics to Cosmology. Urbanowski, K.; Kelkar, N.G.; Nowakowski, M.; Szydlowski, M. Editorial Jan 1, 2018 866
Analysis of [D.sup.*.sub.s][D.sup.*][K.sup.*] and [D.sub.s1][D.sub.1][K.sup.*] Vertices in Three-Point Sum Rules. Janbazi, M.; Khosravi, R.; Noori, E. Report Jan 1, 2018 4497
Effects of a Single Universal Extra Dimension in [B.sub.c] [right arrow] ([D.sub.s], D)[l.sup.+][l.sup.-] Decays. Yilmaz, U.O.; Danapinar, E. Report Jan 1, 2018 5577
Mass Spectra and Decay Constants of Heavy-Light Mesons: A Case Study of QCD Sum Rules and Quark Model. Mutuk, Halil Report Jan 1, 2018 5794
Bottomonium Suppression in Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions Using Effective Fugacity Quasi-Particle Model. Nilima, Indrani; Agotiya, Vineet Kumar Report Jan 1, 2018 7220
Chemical Potentials of Light Flavor Quarks from Yield Ratios of Negative to Positive Particles in Au+Au Collisions at RHIC. Gao, Ya-Qin; Lao, Hai-Ling; Liu, Fu-Hu Report Jan 1, 2018 5520
Nonrelativistic Arbitrary l-States of Quarkonium through Asymptotic Iteration Method. Ciftci, Hakan; Kisoglu, Hasan Fatih Report Jan 1, 2018 5366
Color Confinement, Hadron Dynamics, and Hadron Spectroscopy from Light-Front Holography and Superconformal Algebra. Brodsky, Stanley J. Report Jan 1, 2018 11655
Dark Matter in the Standard Model Extension with Singlet Quark. Beylin, Vitaly; Kuksa, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2018 7712
Gauge-Singlet Vector-Like Fermion Dark Matter, LHC Diphoton Rate, and Direct Detection. Gopalakrishna, Shrihari; Mukherjee, Tuhin Subhra Report Jan 1, 2018 11843
Analysis of Top Quark Pair Production Signal from Neutral 2HDM Higgs Bosons at LHC. Hashemi, Majid; Jafarpour, Mahbobeh Report Jan 1, 2018 6087
Exclusion Limits on a Scalar Decaying to Photons and Distinguishing Its Production Mechanisms. Mandal, Tanumoy Report Jan 1, 2018 8594
Hamiltonian Approach to QCD in Coulomb Gauge: A Survey of Recent Results. Reinhardt, H.; Burgio, G.; Campagnari, D.; Ebadati, E.; Heffner, J.; Quandt, M.; Vastag, P.; Vogt, H Report Jan 1, 2018 13393
Study of Rare Semileptonic [B.sup.+.sub.c] [right arrow] [D.sup.+][nu][bar.[nu]] Decay in the Light-Cone Quark Model. Dhiman, Nisha; Dahiya, Harleen Report Jan 1, 2018 5088
Z' and Higgs Boson Production Associated with a Top Quark Pair as a Probe of the [U(1).sub.B-L] Model at [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] Colliders. Ramirez-Sanhez, F.; Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A.; Gonzalez-Sanchez, Alejandro; Hernandez-Ruiz, M.A. Report Jan 1, 2018 7901
Binding Energies and Dissociation Temperatures of Heavy Quarkonia at Finite Temperature and Chemical Potential in the N-Dimensional Space. Abu-Shady, M.; Abdel-Karim, T.A.; Khokha, E.M. Report Jan 1, 2018 5487
Searches for Massive Graviton Resonances at the LHC. Obikhod, T.V.; Petrenko, I.A. Report Jan 1, 2018 3706
Corrigendum to "Z' and Higgs Boson Production Associated with a Top Quark Pair as a Probe of the U[(1).sub.B-L] Model at [e.sup.+][e.sup.-] Colliders". Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 213
Heavy-Light Mesons in the Nonrelativistic Quark Model Using Laplace Transformation Method. Abu-Shady, M.; Khokha, E.M. Report Jan 1, 2018 10339
Quark Acquires Docurated to Integrate Sales Enablement Solutions with Content Automation. Dec 15, 2017 214
Quark Acquires Docurated to Integrate Sales Enablement Solutions with Content Automation. Dec 15, 2017 214
Quark Enterprise Solutions Partners with the Semantic Web Company. Nov 8, 2017 435
Finally, A Detailed Look At A Gamma-Ray Burst. Jul 26, 2017 518
Dianrong Acquires Asset-Origination Operations of Quark Finance. Jul 14, 2017 265
Dianrong Acquires Asset-Origination Operations of Quark Finance. Jul 14, 2017 271
New Type Of Heavy Particle Found At CERN? Jul 7, 2017 542
Physicists Hunt For Hybrid Mesons. May 4, 2017 500
Can Collisions Between Protons Create Quark-Gluon Plasma? Apr 25, 2017 564
Astrophysical Aspects of Neutrino Dynamics in Ultradegenerate Quark Gluon Plasma. Adhya, Souvik Priyam Jan 1, 2017 6884
Collectivity in High Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions. Nasim, Md.; Shi, Shusu; Chatterjee, Sandeep; Singha, Subhash; Roy, Victor Jan 1, 2017 1051
Impact of Nonstandard Interactions on Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering. Papoulias, D.K.; Kosmas, T.S. Jan 1, 2017 6423
Probing the Anomalous FCNC tq[gamma] Couplings at Large Hadron Electron Collider. Cakir, I. Turk; Yilmaz, A.; Denizli, H.; Senol, A.; Karadeniz, H.; Cakir, O. Jan 1, 2017 4836
Effective Natural Supersymmetry from the Yukawa Deflected Mediations. Liang, Tai-ran; Zhu, Bin; Ding, Ran; Li, Tianjun Jan 1, 2017 6185
Renormalization of Chiral Nuclear Forces with Multiple Subtractions in Peripheral Channels. Batista, E.F.; Szpigel, S.; Timoteo, V.S. Jan 1, 2017 5823
Strong Coupling Constants of Negative Parity Heavy Baryons with [pi] and K Mesons. Aliev, T.M.; Bilmis, S.; Savci, M. Jan 1, 2017 3765
[K.sup.0] - [[bar.K].sup.0] Mixing in the Minimal Flavor-Violating Two- Higgs-Doublet Models. Cho, Natthawin; Li, Xin-Qiang; Su, Fang; Zhang, Xin Jan 1, 2017 7722
Particle Ratios from Strongly Interacting Hadronic Matter. Bashir, Waseem; Uddin, Saeed; Nanda, Hamid Jan 1, 2017 5841
A Study of Confinement for Q[bar.Q] Potentials on D3, M2, and M5 Branes. Quijada, Edward; Boschi-Filho, Henrique Jan 1, 2017 6965
Effect of Strong Magnetic Field on Competing Order Parameters in Two-Flavor Dense Quark Matter. Mandal, Tanumoy; Jaikumar, Prashanth Jan 1, 2017 8806
Bounds on the Electromagnetic Dipole Moments through the Single Top Production at the CLIC. Koksal, M.; Billur, A.A.; Gutierrez-Rodriguez, A. Jan 1, 2017 11689
Coulomb-Type Interaction under Lorentz Symmetry Breaking Effects. Vitoria, R.L.L.; Belich, H.; Bakke, K. Jan 1, 2017 3904
The Rapidity Distributions and the Thermalization Induced Transverse Momentum Distributions in Au-Au Collisions at RHIC Energies. Jiang, Zhi-Jin; Hui, Jia-Qi; Zhang, Yu Jan 1, 2017 4886
Heavy Quark Potential with Hyperscaling Violation. Zhang, Zi-Qiang; Ma, Chong; Hou, De-Fu; Chen, Gang Jan 1, 2017 4309
Charmonium Mass Spectrum with Spin-Dependent Interaction in Momentum-Helicity Space. Radin, M. Jan 1, 2017 2945
Note on Relation between Bottom-Up Holographic Models and Large-[N.sub.c] QCD. Afonin, S.S. Jan 1, 2017 4597
Supersymmetry across the Hadronic Spectrum. Dosch, Hans Gunter Jan 1, 2017 3810
Entropic Destruction of Heavy Quarkonium from a Deformed [AdS.sub.5] Model. Zhang, Zi-Qiang; Luo, Zhong-Jie; Hou, De-Fu; Chen, Gang Jan 1, 2017 3892
Finite Temperature QCD Sum Rules: A Review. Ayala, Alejandro; Dominguez, C.A.; Loewe, M. Jan 1, 2017 19418
On J/[psi] and Y Transverse Momentum Distributions in High Energy Collisions. Li, Bao-Chun; Bai, Ting; Guo, Yuan-Yuan; Liu, Fu-Hu Jan 1, 2017 4159
Simulation Sheds Light On Quark-Gluon Plasma Structure. Nov 17, 2016 507
Evidence points to new form of matter-antimatter asymmetry. Conover, Emily Brief article Oct 29, 2016 227
Three cousins join family of four-quark particles. Conover, Emily Brief article Aug 6, 2016 233
The dual behavior of quantum fields and the Big Bang. Matwi, Malik Report Apr 1, 2016 11029
New Research Casts Doubts Over Tetraquark Discovery. Mar 22, 2016 407
Scientists Discover Exotic 'Tetraquark'. Feb 26, 2016 396
'Quarks' may be source of quasars' energy. Brief article Feb 6, 2016 182
Desserts. Jan 21, 2016 228
Behold the pentaquark. Letter to the editor Oct 31, 2015 187
LHC reports pentaquark sightings: Collider offers new evidence for elusive five-part particles. Grant, Andrew Brief article Aug 8, 2015 289
Meet These New Quantum Particles... Jul 24, 2015 651
A new quirk for quarks. Grant, Andrew Brief article May 2, 2015 195
Chrome of baryons. Quznetsov, Gunn Report Jul 1, 2014 2261
Exotic particle packs a foursome of quarks: tetraquarks could help physicists understand the universe's first generations of matter. Grant, Andrew May 17, 2014 456
Chemical potentials of quarks extracted from particle transverse momentum distributions in heavy ion collisions at RHIC energies. Zhao, Hong; Liu, Fu-Hu Report Jan 1, 2014 6864
Chiral structure of scalar and pseudoscalar mesons. Chen, Hua-Xing Report Jan 1, 2014 13040
First four-quark particle may have been spotted: finding might shed light on how nucleus is held together. Grant, Andrew Jul 27, 2013 552
Strange beasts in the stellar zoo. Braffman-Miller, Judith Nov 1, 2011 2371
Collider finds heavy particle: theory predicted existence of neutral Xi-sub-b baryon. Powell, Devin Aug 27, 2011 435
The status quark: Murray Gell-Mann reflects on matter's building blocks and scientists' resistance to new ideas. Siegfried, Tom Essay Sep 12, 2009 2079
Higgsless Glashow's and quark-gluon theories and gravity without superstrings. Quznetsov, Gunn Alex Jul 1, 2009 3234
Beta decay and quark-antiquark non-parity in collision-induced gravity. Vezzoli, Gary C. Apr 1, 2009 4844
Standard model gets right answer; calculation of nucleon mass supports quark-gluon theory. Cowen, Ron Brief article Dec 20, 2008 296
Models for quarks and elementary particles--Part III: what is the nature of the gravitational field? Neumann, Ulrich K.W. Formula Jul 1, 2008 2204
Models for quarks and elementary particles--Part IV: how much do we know of this universe? Neumann, Ulrich K.W. Jul 1, 2008 4060
Models for quarks and elementary particles--Part I: what is a quark? Neumann, Ulrich K.W. Report Apr 1, 2008 1975
Models for quarks and elementary particles--Part II: what is mass? Neumann, Ulrich K.W. Report Apr 1, 2008 2931
Unification of interactions in discrete spacetime. Potter, Franklin Jan 1, 2006 5643
Fermions as topological objects. Yershov, Vladimir N. Jan 1, 2006 6616
Verifying unmatter by experiments, more types of unmatter, and a quantum chromodynamics formula. Smarandache, Florentin Jul 1, 2005 2787
Quantum bull's-eye: particle-mass prediction hits the mark. Weiss, P. May 21, 2005 516
Scales tilt against five-quark particles. Weiss, Peter Ulrich May 14, 2005 372
Starting from square one: the intricate behaviors of quarks may finally yield to calculation. Weiss, Peter Ulrich Aug 7, 2004 2421
In neutrons and protons, quarks take wrong turns. Weiss, P. Jan 3, 2004 629
First five-quark particle turns up. (Wild Bunch). Weiss, P. Jul 5, 2003 553
Has matter's mother paid a call? (Hot Mama). Weiss, P. Jun 21, 2003 683
A possible quark-star discovery. Lucentini, Jack Jul 1, 2002 1097
Subatomic scrutiny from Jefferson lab. Smaglik, Paul Brief Article May 3, 1997 184
Microcosmic bang: mashing atomic nuclei to create a quark soup. Peterson, Ivars Sep 21, 1996 1390
A hint of particles within quarks. Peterson, Ivars Feb 17, 1996 592
Beyond the top: now that physicists have found the top quark, what's next? Peterson, Ivars Cover Story Jul 1, 1995 1806
Quark matters; birth of a strange dwarf. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article May 13, 1995 394
Extra data bolster top quark discovery. Peterson, Ivars Mar 11, 1995 597
At last, evidence of the top quark. Peterson, Ivars Apr 30, 1994 598
Quarks. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 245
Charmed quarks. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 296
Testing theory by computing quark behavior. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article May 22, 1993 462
Seeking the top quark. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Apr 24, 1993 159
Quark droplets envisioned in neutron stars. Peterson, Ivars Brief Article Mar 20, 1993 452
Charmed at last. Brief Article Jan 9, 1993 224
Pushing quarks to the limit. Brief Article Aug 8, 1992 216
In search of the elusive top quark. Mar 21, 1992 429
Quark finders win Nobel. Chen, Ingfei Oct 27, 1990 268
Putting limits on the top quark. Peterson, Ivars Apr 28, 1990 368
Building matter from a dozen blocks. Peterson, I. Oct 21, 1989 623
Searching for strange matter: the quest extends from neutron stars to monstrous isotopes and compact energy sources. Peterson, Ivars Mar 4, 1989 1631
On the trail of elemental matter; experiments now being analyzed seek a quark-gluon plasma, matter stripped to its most elementary constituents. Thomsen, Dietrick E. Mar 28, 1987 1520
Single-file electrons. Murray, Mary Aug 9, 1986 1506
Quark-gluon plasma. Thomsen, Dietrick E. May 24, 1986 2734
Aging and decay of beauty. Aug 3, 1985 313

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