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   The quantum blur, immersed in time
   is predicated in a mystical counterpoint.
   Time and space themselves adhere
   to utter contradiction
   of waves of chaotic incoherence

   Listen to the musicality of the spheres
   in their disparate atonality,
   harmonious discordance, incoherent coherence,
   the universal order revealing the inherent paradox
   of the nature of the universe.

   In chaos is order; in order is chaos.
   We will know the simplicity of the universe
   when we accept its strangeness.
   Did God have any chance in the creation?
   Or was it a game of dice
   cast in the aeons of eternal silence
   in the control of the paradox principle
   that regulates the cosmos?

Arnold Skemer (USA)

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Author:Skemer, Arnold
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2013
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