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Quantum makes enhanced backup real. (First in/First out).

Quantum Corp. has announced general availability of its DX30--a disk-based backup solution that emulates a tape library. Incorporating a technology outlined by Editor-In-Chief Mark Ferelli in a June 2002 CTR article, "Business Continuity Drives Backup", the DX30 offers speedy backup and restore times while ensuring reliability without replacing existing tape libraries.

Part of Quantum's Enhanced Backup Solutions Initiative (EBSI), the DX30 features a marriage of hardware and software in a dense disk-based backup solution, enhancing system availability and decreasing the amount of time required to complete backup and restoration of mission critical data on the network, as compared to existing tape technology. By emulating tape libraries, the disk-to-disk solution provides interoperability that minimizes the impact on existing operational procedures with existing libraries. The DX30 then complements tape by taking on incremental, recent backups (for faster backup/restore times) leaving archival backups to tape.

At the heart of this new approach to data backup is Quantum's Adaptive Disk Array Management (ADAM) Technology platform, optimized for large, high-speed data transfers characteristic of data protection. ADAM separates DX30 technology from traditional secondary storage (such as standard RAID) in terms of performance and cost. Utilizing disk backup technology can increase backup speeds in excess of 216GB/hour while allowing for an entry point cost advantage to that of tape solutions.

The DX30 significantly improves backup and restore times and the confidence in completing a successful backup within the backup window by incorporating Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID) protected disks into the backup data path. It includes a number of key features that increase speed and confidence of data protection, use existing operational procedures, and preserve existing backup investments, including:

* Support for cloning to physical cartridges for offsite storage

* Compatibility with user's current backup software and operating systems

* Ability to use data block size 4 to 12 times larger than blocks transferred through most file systems

* Existing backup packages support copy to tape for cloning or export

* Optimizes tape performance

* Low overall cost of ownership

Other members of the EBSI include Atempo, Legato Systems, Network Appliance, OTG Software, and QLogic. Formed to test, integrate, and certify their products to enable enhanced backup solutions, the group is also looking to incorporate such features and functionality as serverless archive; synthetic full backup; distributed backup targets and centralized backup archives; virtualization of tape systems; and post-processing of backup data. For more information on the DX30 (available now for purchase through select Quantum resellers), visit or call 408.944.4000.

Quantum Debuts Snap Appliance

Quantum is taking an equity stake in a new NAS company--Snap Appliance--formed this month around Quantum's Snap Server and Guardian product lines. Snap Appliance products will continue to be sold through distribution partners; warranty and technical services will be handled by Snap Appliance in the U.S. Warranty will be supported by Quantum outside the U.S.
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Author:Schultz, Nick
Publication:Computer Technology Review
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Date:Oct 1, 2002
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