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Quantum X maskless lithography system.

The Nanoscribe Quantum X targets specific needs in modern industrial microfabrication. Within its compact housing, prototypes of refractive and diHractive micro-optics, in addition to polymer masters, can be product produced. The system features an industrial form factor with automated processes, and intuitive and ready-to-use interfaces for process control.

Quantum X is the first industrial system based on two-photon grayscale lithography (2GL). The key to this technology is laser power modulation and dynamic focus positioning, synchronised accurately at high scanning speeds. Using this smart approach, a full control over the voxel size is achieved along each scanning plane. Without compromising speed, precision components materialize with excellent shape accuracy and ultra-smooth surfaces.

This lithography system features smart solutions. Equipped with automatic objective and sample holder recognition, as well as resin dispensing, the system facilitates the sample preparation and changeover between hardware configurations, speeding up the complete workflow. A software wizard guides designers and engineers through print job creation from the very beginning, simplifying job preparation. Moreover, the software controls and monitors print jobs in real time and supports intuitive operation. For example, users can now check on the job status, adjust process controls and visualise printing in real time, directly on the built-in touchscreen. Three live-view cameras monitor the printing process.

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Title Annotation:LENSES AND OPTICS
Publication:Electro Optics
Date:Aug 1, 2019
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