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Quantum Mechanics.

Quantum Mechanics

Dr. Sujaul Chowdhury

Narosa Publishing House

c/o Alpha Science International Limited

9781842658864, $84.95

That Dr. Sujaul Chowdhury can write for grad-level students has already been proven with Nanostructure Physics and Microelectronics; but the publication of Quantum Mechanics also proves he can write just as easily for students pursing BS degrees in physics.

Here undergraduate students receive a detailed textbook written with the idea that a wave is associated with a material particle (i.e. wave and particle coexist): everything is defined and based on this premise, with mathematical structures supporting quantum mechanics theory discussions.

Now, there are plenty of texts covering quantum mechanics: what differentiates Chowdhury's from competitors is his attention to creating a standalone course-in-a-book that combines calculations and mathematical formulae with physics theory and real-world applications.

It's intended for use as a two-semester course of study, can be used either by professors as a sourcebook for lecture materials or by students pursuing courses in quantum mechanics, and it discusses different approaches to calculation from Born series and approximations to what happens in the case of degenerate unperturbed eigenfunctions.

The basic difference (and strength) of this text lies in its ability to equally appeal to professors seeking ready-to-go lecture notes and students who want a calculation-supported discussion of quantum mechanics.

Rich in math and science, Quantum Mechanics is highly recommended for any college, professor or student pursuing an undergraduate course of study in quantum mechanics. Its organization is superb and its content is logically arranged and quite accessible.

Diane Donovan

Senior Reviewer

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Date:Aug 1, 2014
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