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Quantum Hex LLC Launch the Open Source Microlight (OSm).

Los Angeles, CA, March 14, 2015 --( Quantum HEX LLC is releasing this technical Press Release intended to set an antecedent as previous art or publication to void any US Patent or international patent claiming of the following invention.

Quantum HEX LLC is announcing today the official launch of the Open Source Microlight. The “OSm”, (Open Source microlight), is based of the popular Arduino platform, an AVR chip that is the most popular Open Source platform for micro controllers development.

The Open Source Microlight V1 is equipped with the smallest package for the ATMega328-P, a Micro-USB port connected to the Serial Ports I/Os and using the Micro-USB shield to set low the Reset input, making the Micro-USB an alternative communication option to Serial Communication with an external Serial Programmer.

The OSm can be connected to a computer's USB port without causing damage to the OSm, but there is no USB functionality and no communication is possible with the computer in a direct form on its current configuration.

In order to transfer a new program to the Open Source Microlight, or pass serial data, a Serial adapter is necessary. The Serial Adapter used by the OSm, modify the USB output using the usual pins as follow: Ground, 5v, TX, RX, and the Shield connector is used to transmit the Reset line. On this way, the USB connector has a power compatibility avoiding short circuit to any USB compatible system, but at the same time being compatible with Serial Communication, using the USB Shield to transmit a Reset line.

Quantum HEX LLC does not have knowledge if there is previous art or publication setting antecedent using this configuration as an alternative for Serial Communication connector, and this publication (if there is no previous art or reference) is intended to set future references in an Open Source manner.

The Open Source Microlight is not intended to be used only on light shows, but also covers the necessity of very small micro controller developer board.

Quantum HEX LLC is glad to share this new technology with the world and is officially joining the Open Source community with a Fair and Square statement against closed platforms and patented technologies that disable the possibility of commercialization by third party developers.

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Quantum HEX is a Los Angeles based LLC. Quantum HEX LLC, Quantum HEX[TM], OSM[TM], & All Rights Reserved 2015.

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Date:Mar 14, 2015
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