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Quality test: pure set honey.

Honey is my spread of choice on toast, although I usually stick to runny honey. However, Waitrose's offering ([red star][red star][red star][red star][gray star]) has tempted me to switch to set honey. With an attractive glossy colour, it was the runaway winner, tasting both natural and waxy, and was neither too sweet nor sickly. Although Morrisons' ([red star][red star][red star][gray star][gray star]) jar had the worst label design, it had a pleasant caramel flavour and spread well. Both Asda's ([red star][red star][gray star][gray star][gray star]] and Sainsbury's ([red star][red star][gray star][gray star][gray star]) were nothing to write home about. Asda's had a dull taste, while Sainsbury's was too sweet and left a sickly aftertaste. Tesco's ([red star][gray star][gray star][gray star][gray star]) meanwhile, was the worst of the bunch. It tasted nothing like honey and had an artificial, almost acidic taste to it.

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Title Annotation:THE GROCER 33
Author:Phillips, Beth
Date:Mar 13, 2010
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