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Quality assured at GMS as firm expands services.

Gilsanz Murray Steficek (GMS) has a newly formed and dedicated Quality Assurance (QA) Group offering inspection and testing services for clients with new construction or restoration projects. Established in 1991, GMS has been providing structural engineering and building envelope consulting services to a host of clients in the greater NYC metropolitan area, throughout the country, and internationally. As a natural extension of their services, GMS has assembled a team of qualified and experienced professional inspectors to ensure clients get a finished product which conforms to construction documents, drawings, and specifications.

As the firm is primarily composed of registered Design Professionals, GMS uniquely understands the vital role that inspection and testing play in the success of any project, great or small. "We've lived it first-hand", reports Ramon Gilsanz, partner at GMS, "so we know how architects, engineers, and owners rely on those who perform inspection and testing to make sure structural systems and building envelopes are built right." In today's environment, it's best to be well informed. The theory follows that when clients know about their project's progress each day, they can respond more quickly to the needs of the builders on-site.

David Sharp, who began assembling GMS's QA Group in 2003 states, "We found that controlled inspection and other reports often arrive too late after an inspection to allow for a timely and cost-effective solution. GMS QA prides itself in keeping architects and engineers fully informed on exactly how things are progressing on their projects."

What sets GMS apart is its highly qualified inspectors and its proactive approach to informing the Design Professional about the status of his or her ongoing projects. GMS has developed its own reporting system in order to capitalize on its proactive and informative approach. GMS's reporting system is flexible for clients and strikes a balance between comprehensive coverage and simplicity.

GMS's inspection staff includes specialists who are actively engaged in ongoing professional development efforts including inspector certification and qualification committee work, consensus standards development, and code review on both local and national levels.

In addition to Controlled Inspection and Special Inspection services, GMS offers a variety of specialized tests and inspections to diagnose the overall condition of a structure or provide in-depth understanding of specific aspects. When deficiencies or deterioration are identified, forensic examinations focus on determining root causes of diminished performance or failures. Frequently GMS is asked to provide options for remedial action and estimated costs.

GMS offers a broad line of Inspection, Testing, and Investigative Services including Structural Steel Inspection, Welding Inspection, Structural Bolting Inspection, Masonry Inspection, Reinforced Concrete Inspection, Crack Monitoring, Due Diligence Investigations, Structural Stability Inspection, Boroscope Inspection, Flat Jack Masonry Testing, Strain Gage Testing, Load Testing, Corrosion Analysis, Waterproofing Inspection, Fastener or Weld Failure Analysis, Facade and Curtain Wall Inspection, Seismographic--Vibration Monitoring, Pre-construction Surveys, Inclinometer--Levelness Testing, and Leak Investigation.
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Date:Jun 21, 2006
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