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Quality and performance excellence in higher education.

Charles W. Sorensen, Julie A. Furst-Bowe, Diane M. Moen, Editors, Anker Publishing Company, 2005; 233 pp; $39.95

In 2001, the University of Wisconsin-Stout became the first higher education institution to win a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Prior, most recipients were corporations, such as Cadillac, Boeing, and 3M.

The award program--named after a former secretary of commerce--honors institutions that practice "quality management." Winning was no small feat for UW-Stout, a campus of 8,000 students focusing on career-oriented programs. The editors outline what this IHE is doing right, while also reviewing the strengths of five other IHEs, including the University of Northern Colorado, a more recent Baldrige winner.

They note that management at these institutions is agile--able to change course quickly--and dedicated.
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Title Annotation:Between the Lines
Author:Angelo, Jean Marie
Publication:University Business
Date:May 1, 2005
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