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Quality Pre-Kindergarten for All: State Legislative Report.

QUALITY PRE-KINDERGARTEN FOR ALL: State Legislative Report. Washington, DC: The Trust for Early Education, 2004. This report was developed by the Trust for Early Education, which is supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts and other fundraisers that are interested in providing quality pre-kindergarten opportunities for all children. Each state's specific accomplishments or failures in providing quality pre-kindergarten programs are shared. The 2005 budgets for each state are analyzed to determine the amount being spent on programs for children under 5.

Overall, the United States has increased its spending since 2001 by $205 million, and increased the number of programs for young childrenby 17percent. Even though 60,000 more children are attending programs, an urgent need for many more programs remains because all but a few serve only low-income children. Fifteen states have increased funding for programs, 17 have the same level of funding, 7 have decreased funding, and 10 states have no state-funded pre-kindergartens. Georgia and Oklahoma are touted throughout the report for their accomplishments in providing state-supported quality pre-kindergartens.

New research demonstrates that a combination of the learning environment and socialization of children in a quality pre-kindergarten provides a foundation that influences a child's entire life. An astounding statistic presented concerns the return of $4 to $8 for every one dollar spent on pre-kindergartens, because of the future savings for special education, remedial programs, welfare, and juvenile crime.

The report offers especially important information for child advocates who are trying to influence policymakers. A copy of the report is available online from the Government Accountability Office at
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