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Quality Management in Ambulatory Care.

Spath, P., Ed. Quality Management in Ambulatory Care. Chicago, Ill.: American Hospital Publishing, Inc., 1992. 222 pages. $49.95 ($39.95 for AHA members).

Oversight of ambulatory care quality improvement activities remains a frontier to many physician executives. Other than by ACPE's own expert Dale Benson, relatively little has been written about it. This book presents practical tips to physician executives whose responsibility includes ambulatory care. It rolls out the notion of global, cross-functional quality management, presenting the topic from the physician's viewpoint while integrating nursing, administration, information management, medical records, and other functions. It includes specific how-to's from freestanding suburban clinics as well as urban university hospital-based settings. There are practical step-by-step instructions to assist in jump-starting an ambulatory quality improvement program, in addition to finer points helpful to an existing program. Numerous useful forms and check sheets are included for measuring various components of quality, such as patient satisfaction and practice guidelines. Emphasis is placed both on the importance of an adequate quality management database and on the accessibility of accurate medical records. The importance of adequate language translation capability as well as meeting other psychosocial needs of the patients is stressed, as now required by JCAHO.

Because this book is a compendium of several authors, they each tend to repeat some of the philosophical and scientific bases of outpatient quality improvement activities, yet that aspect is also helpful because it reflects the variety of approaches operative in ambulatory care settings today. This book represents a useful addition to the physician executive's library.--Robert Brantit, MD, FACS, Medical Staff Quality Improvement, Beaver Falls, Pa.
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Author:Brandt, Robert
Publication:Physician Executive
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Date:Nov 1, 1993
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