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Quality Factors of Fruits and Vegetables.


This book was developed from a symposium held in late September 1988 in California, USA. In reality it reviews the current information on the chemical basis of quality attributes of fruits and vegetables, as well as the latest advances that have been made in fruit processing.

One way or another fruits and vegetables from an important part of our diet; they are convenient and natural. However, with the increasing utilisation of these products, more care is needed to ensure their quality is not only up to standard but also improved. The contention is that it is necessary to understand the chemistry of the quality attributes so that one can discover how to improve the situation.

The chapter headings give a clue to coverage of this text, and they run: Chemical basis of quality factors in fruits and vegetables - an overview; Chemistry of colour improvement in thermally processed green vegetables; inhibition of enzymatic browning in fruits and vegetables; Polyphenol oxidase activity and enzymatic browning in mushrooms; Oxygen and metal ion-dependent non enzymatic browning of grapefruit juice; Chemistry of bioregulatory agents - impact on food colour; Enzymes involved in off-aroma formation in broccoli; Biochemistry and biological removal of liminoid bitterness in citrus juices; Applications of chemical kinetic theory to the rate of thermal softening of vegetable tissue; Structural and compositional changes during processing of dry beans; Function of metal cations in regulating the texture of acidified vegetables; Quality and stability of enzymatically peeled and sectioned fruit; Rheological properties of plant food dispersions; Quality maintenance in fresh fruits and vegetables by controlled atmospheros; Modelling gaseous environment and physiochemical changes of fresh fruits and vegetables in modified atmosphere storage; Physiochemical changes and treatments for lightly processed fruits and vegetables; Chemistry and safety of acidified vegetables; Effect of freezing conditions and storage temperature on the stability of frozen green beans; Chemistry and processing of high quality dehydrated vegetable products; Effect of enzyme treatment on the quality of processed fruit and vegetables; Processing and storage influences on the chemical composition and quality of apple, pear and grape juices concentrates; Chemical changes in citrus juices during concentration processes; Chemical changes is aseptically processed kiwi fruit nectars; Quality improvement of candied fruits; Irradiation processing of fruits and vegetables - status and prospects; Effects of gamma irradiation on chemical and sensory evaluation of Cabernet Sauvignon wine; Ultrafiltration of fruit juices with metallic membranes; Microfiltration of enzyme-treated apricot puree; Recovery and utilization of byproducts from citrus processing wastes; and Applications of biotechnology to the improvement of quality of fruits and vegetables.

As can be seen, the chapters are grouped under the various sections - colour, flavour, texture, storage and light processing further processing and newer technology.
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Date:Feb 1, 1990
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