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Quality Control Manual for Local CPA Firms.

Quality Control Manual for Local CPA Firms

This 500-page reference is the first and only manual of its kind designed exclusively for small-to medium-sized firms. Organized into 16 comprehensive sections, it covers such topics as quality control systems, their introduction, design and implementation; consultation; supervision; professional development; acceptance and continuance; hiring, personnel and advancement; inspection plus minimum documentation recommendations and key compliance considerations; on-site and off-site quality/peer reviews. Its purpose is to prepare local accounting firms for an AICPA quality or peer review -- and to maintain an acceptable quality control system. Developed by two leading practitioners who specialize in advising small- to medium-sized accounting firms, the manual was also technically reviewed by a partner in the firm of Weber, Lipshie and Company as well as quality reviewed by the firm of BDO Seidman. It features guidance on state-mandated positive enforcement programs and voluntary standards for tax practice. The guide focuses on the specific criteria that the AICPA will apply to smaller firms and provides essential policy, procedure and checklist workpaper or forms that the Quality Control Standards require. This manual can be a valuable reference to your practice in order to implement and maintain a quality control system.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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