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Quality Assurance, BS 5750/ISO 9000 and the Food and Drink Industries.


QUALITY ASSURANCE, BS 5750/ISO 9000 and the FOOD and DRINK INDUSTRIES, at Kenilworth, Pages 63, and at Huntington, Pages 70. Prices: each one costs 53.00 [pounds]. (UK: CFDRA and Food Trade Press Ltd)

Two symposia were organised last year by the Campden Food and Drink Research Association with the same title. They were held in April 1989 in Kenilworth and in June the same year at Huntington. Surprisingly the content of each symposium was slightly different and yet if you were not there, it may be you should purchase one or both these publications to ensure you fully understand the intention and commitment to the latest quality standards that it will be necessary for manufacturers and their suppliers to observe.

At Kenilworth the subjects tackled were: Total quality management; BS 5750/ISO 9000 - what is it?; Introducing ISO 9000 to a factory site; Advantages and benefits of ISO 9000; Quality and training; The role of assessment teams; The quality initiative; The role of the DTI; and ISO 9000 - the future - support and advice from CFDRA.

Topics covered at the Huntingdon event were: BS 5750 - what is it?; What was involved in the achievement of accreditation under ISO 9002; The technical side of obtaining the standard; The importance of training and BS 5750; Legal implications of the Consumer Protection Act 1987; The role of assessment teams and the assessment process; and BS 5750/ISO 9000 - the future.

Not only were the subjects slightly different but also the presenters of the various papers were not the same at the two events.
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Date:Nov 1, 1990
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