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Qoran damned on Fox TV.

Fox News contributor Steven Crowder has accused a "high percentage" of Muslims of "hat[ing] Christians and Jews" and said "the real problem is the Qoran."

Crowder made his comments on Sean Hannity's Fox News show. Hannity aired a clip from a French news program in which an Egyptian official affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood declined to answer questions from Israeli journalists. Crowder reacted to the clip by saying, "Well, I mean, what it really comes down to is, a Muslim here, not too fond of the Jewish people. I'm not shocked. Then again, I've actually read the Qoran.... I'm not saying all Muslims hate Christians and Jews. But there's a high percentage, and it's because of the Quran, if you've read it."

When fellow Fox News contributor Pat Caddell responded, "Let's stay with the real problem," Crowder replied, "That is the real problem. The real problem is the Qoran."

Later Hannity tried to clarify, saying, "This is important for Steve. Because people are going to hear you say the problem is the Qoran. Do you make a distinction between Islam and radical Islam? Those that believe that in sharia, jihad, holy war, infidels."

Crowder replied, "Here's the thing. I make distinctions between Muslims who may be peace-loving Muslims. There are Muslims out there who are that way. But when you read the Bible versus the Qoran, they're two very different books. And here, here. Don't take my opinion. Open up the Qoran, read a few chapters in any direction."

In 2010 on Hannity's Fox show, Crowder said, "The truth is that Muslims tend to be more violent than Christians."

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Title Annotation:Faith: Religion and the world
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Aug 3, 2012
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