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Qigong for Healing: Learn to safely use the ancient art of Qigong to heal yourself and others.

Qigong for Healing

Learn to safely use the ancient art of

Qigong to heal yourself and others

By Lisa B. O'Shea

YMAA Production, DVD,


An excellent introduction to the healing benefits of Qigong (pronounced chi-gung) for beginners, Lisa B. O'Shea's Qigong for Healing explains qi, the body's bioelectric energy and how our good health is based on its ability to flow evenly. Qigong, which roughly translated means "energy cultivation," is part of the 5,000-year-old system of Chinese medicine that sees the body as a network of interdependent energy systems; O'Shea gives an amazingly good--and detailed--explanation of the differences between Western and Chinese approaches to health and healing, suggesting that, while neither is perfect and complete, a combination of the two can offer us valuable and complementary health care resources.

Chinese medicine teaches that blockages in our energy system are the root cause of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual problems and that in order to heal, the natural balance and flow of the energy must be restored. "Qi is as real as our physical bodies," says O'Shea, as she demonstrates how we can sense our own energy. "About 50 percent of people can feel this energy without any training at all, and others can learn to feel it," she says. "With practice, you will have the tools you need to create lasting change in your health and wellness." Teaching nine postures from the "Rising Lotus Medical Qigong" form, along with powerful meditation techniques, O'Shea reveals how we can get to the energetic root of our issues, remove the blockages in our body's energy flow, and retrain our energy to flow properly. The healing techniques she demonstrates can be used to facilitate our own healing or that of another. A skillful and sympathetic teacher, O'Shea imparts both instruction and understanding in a calm and precise manner that even beginners will find easy to follow.

Lisa B. O'Shea is a YMAA (Yang's Martial Arts Association) Qigong instructor and a certified Qigong therapist with the Chinese Healing Arts Center and is certified in Reiki and hypnotherapy. She directs the Qigong Institute of Rochester in western New York and travels regularly for seminars on qi healing and traditional Chinese medicine.

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