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Qi Gong for self-healing: Patrice Dickey offers healing wisdom from a modern Chinese sage. (Breath & Movement).

From 1966 to 1976, the Cultural Revolution raged in China, and all the old knowledge was being systematically destroyed. Of hundreds of Taoist priests who had previously lived at Wudang Mountain, only twenty remained. As a six-year-old boy, Yun Xiang Tseng (Master Chen) was chosen by 98-year-old Grand Master Li of Wudang Mountain (made famous by Academy Award-winning `Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon'), as her successor to preserve the ancient secrets of Qi Gong.

Master Chen immersed himself in study of the Chinese healing and martial arts at Wudang Mountain for ten years, later enriching his education with studies of traditional Chinese medicine and philosophy.

"Qi Gong will become part of the healing mainstream during the 21st century," says Master Chen, who advocates Qi Gong's ability to heal without medicine so all can take charge of their own lives. "Our technique teaches the reversal of aging, and the control and maintenance of good health," said Chen.


Chinese medical practitioners believe that when energy circulation becomes stagnant or stops that the entity will die. When a person is sick, Qi circulation is irregular or abnormal. This energy circulation system is under control of the mind, which is why Qi Gong is practiced consciously but succeeds through the activation of the unconscious mind.

Western science shows that through meditation and concentration training, people can improve their performance in sports, martial arts and interpersonal skills such as sales and leadership. They can lower their stress levels and physiological responses through practices such as biofeedback. The same principles apply in using Qi Gong to improve both physical and mental health.

The Chinese Ministry of Health recognizes Qi Gong as medically effective, and it has been inserted into the curriculum of major Chinese universities. Promoted by the Chinese government as a very cost-effective means of improving public health, Qi Gong practice and therapy are now officially recognized as medical treatments and covered by their government's insurance.

As recently as November 1997, the American Medical Association sanctioned acupuncture as a proven healing modality even though scientists are not exactly sure how acupuncture works.

At some point Qi Gong, which is the basis of acupuncture, also may be recognized by mainstream medicine as the powerful healing and immune-stimulating agent that it is. Some Western scientists feel that with increased awareness of the properties of Qi, we are on the cusp of a medical breakthrough as great as the discovery of antibiotics. (Secrets and Benefits of Internal pi Gong Cultivation, Dr. Yah Xin, Amber Leaf Press, Malvern PA, 1997)

To register for one of Master Chen's upcoming Atlanta-area workshops online, please see For information, email or call (in Atlanta): 404-264-0025; (outside Atlanta):1-866-852-9623, pin 3488.


Regulating Breath and Qi

This exercise helps gather Qi, the life force. Place hands on the Dan Tien (2" below the navel) with palms facing stomach, one on top of the other. Women with right hand on stomach; men with left hand on stomach.

Natural Breathing: as you inhale the stomach expands; as you exhale the stomach contracts. Regulate breath to be deep, slow, gentle & even. As you inhale envision the Qi move from the Meingmen (a point on lower back) to the Dan Tien. As you exhale envision the Qi move from Dan Tien to Meingmen. Repeat 12-18 times.

Reverse Breathing: as you inhale the stomach contracts, thus massaging the internal organs. As you exhale the stomach expands. Inhale, and see Qi move from Dan Tien to Meingmen. Exhale and see Qi move from Meingmen to Dan Tien. Repeat 12-18 times.
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